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Water softener bargains for the home or business. Buy a water softener for less. U.S. based phone support. Ships from the U.S. and Canada. High quality for a budget price. You simply can't buy better products at ANY price.

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Our premium quality custom water softeners feature only the finest quality components available in the United States and Canada today. While we sell most brands available, our own custom made units are the best water softeners that money can buy. And have longer manufacturer's warranties. Unlike other top brand companies, we make our parts in easy to change components. Above all, you should never need a costly repair call on our equipment.

US Based Support

And we have ALL American based support staff. So you can understand what we are saying. And we know what we are talking about. Because we have the most well trained experts in the world helping you to get it right. All of that being said, we rarely see broken or defective parts here. But in the unlikely event it does happen, you have the best American based experts on the planet, available as close as your phone. Therefore, we are ranked as the highest in DIY water softener ease of installation. With our optional quick connect system, the average homeowner can be "plumbed in" in just a few seconds with no specials tools, torches or anything else.


NO need any longer for replacement batteries to keep that old style home water softener programmed. You can unplug one of our units for 6 months. When you plug it back in, it is still programmed. This makes these ultra smart units the only choice for vacation homes, hunting cabins and places where the unit may go without power for a time. If you live in an area with a lot of power failures, this is the only home water softener that makes sense. So whether you live in the Big City or way out in the country, there is no other logical choice for the very best in water softening and water conditioning systems of every type. We have it all, everything!

What is the best home water softener?

HELPFUL VIDEOS: You can compare important factors like water softener tanks and controls here:

Softener sizes explained below. Just click the "What size is right link". If you have a private well. Or if you are not sure what you need to do to be sure you get the right water softener or water filter. Please click on the following link:

What Size is Right? 


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We have different types of softener systems for different needs. The best ones are on this page. But if you are looking for lower prices, check out some of the ones we have on the other pages linked below.

Buy a water softener:

We have every type of water softener or water conditioner you can imagine. 


DIGITAL TIMER style water softeners from $469



DEMAND or METERED style water softeners are the best type. And are listed below. As well as High Flow water softeners for bigger houses and business with higher flow rates. Demand or metered style water softeners are the most efficient.


On demand style water softeners are the most efficient. The average customer tells us they only add salt about once per year when properly sized. You can't buy a better water softener system at ANY price. Each one is shipped from the U.S. and Canada for exactly the kind of water you have.

water softener

"On Demand" water softeners from Water Filters of America™ regenerate (clean) with the finest 'metered' controls. As a result, it only cleans as needed, saving you water and salt, as compared to 'timer' models. Demand models usually clean every 7 to 10 days, depending on how much water you use. Both standard and deluxe home water softener systems are made with the highest quality, name brand parts. Similarly, both types of water conditioners are smart enough to clean in the middle of the night (or whenever you tell them to). To sum up, these state of the art water softener systems are the utmost in soft or conditioned water.


Demand Water Softener $439 (15K)

Water Softener

The .5 C.F. small water softener is great for cabins, mobile homes, low use situations etc. A great water softener system 1 or 2 people on moderately hard water with limited water use. It is a digital display unit with a 10 year tank warranty and 7 year warranty on the electronics. In addition, it is shipped from the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, our phone support is U.S. based!


water softener

30K (1.0 CFT)7138A$489Buy Now
45K (1.5 CFT)7153A$624Buy Now
60K (2.0 CFT)7163A$749Buy Now

Deluxe High Flow-Rate Units:

Complete “Metered” Water Softener System for homes and businesses with higher flow rates .

Water Softener

30K (1.0 CFT)7133A$599Buy Now
45K (1.5 CFT)7148A$724Buy Now
60K (2.0 CFT)7158A$824Buy Now

Deluxe Demand Units are "Metered" water softener systems and made for larger homes and businesses that don't want the unit to cut water pressure when high usage occurs. "Metered" means they only clean themselves when a certain amount of water has been used. Therefore, they are the most efficient high flow softeners that money can buy. In addition, they are custom made in the good old USA!


The packages below provide everything you need to have the most complete water treatment system possible. Be sure to ask a friendly water tech if one of these packages are right for you. TOLL FREE 800-684-0979.

30K (1.0 CFT)7133AA$919Buy Now
45K (1.5 CFT)7148AA$1039Buy Now
60K (2.0 CFT)7158AA$1129Buy Now

Deluxe Demand Complete Packages include:

Hi-Flow Deluxe Metered Softener

Custom Bypass Valve Built In

HUGE Sediment Cartridge pre-filter

Reverse Osmosis drinking water purification system.

7 Year Electronics warranty

10 Year Tank Warranty

Lifetime US Based Phone Support

Save money instead of buying everything separately.

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Magnet water softeners don't work.

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Benefits of Soft Water

We use only the very best national name brand control valves which include Fleck®, Autotrol®, Etc. Most importantly, we feel the custom ones we make to order for your home water softening system to be better than all of these in-home sales type brands. If you have something you prefer, we almost always have it. We have it all.

Using a water softener as an iron filter

NEVER use a home water softener as an iron filter. Be wary of anyone who suggests you should! Contact one of our experts to see what they have to say about anything you are about to buy. Our staff are NEVER allowed to ask you to buy anything. They just answer your questions fairly and honestly.

Miracles and Sales Pitches

Don't be fooled by the "miracle cures" you see on the internet. For example, magnets, alloys, electronic pipe wraps, BEOTRON, energy cells, and others. Anything that says you can get REAL soft water, and it's amazing benefits. Without sodium salt or other softener salt substitute, like potassium, is incorrect. In other words, they simply don't work.

Simply, we have never found any that could pass a simple lab test. More information about misleading products on the links at the end of this page. Beware of ANYONE mixing carbons, KDF or almost anything else in the SAME tank. That is your first clue something is wrong. Give us a call and we can tell you if their advice is correct. We also offer a private install web site, complete with pictures and do it yourself videos. We can recommend an installer in your area if needed.


You can learn more about common sales tactics and things to watch out for on our Compare Tactics page.

NOTE: Remember, that you should NEVER drink the water from any softener. Read why on our Drinking Soft Water Page. Beware of anyone who puts carbon inside the same tank as the softener minerals. This is called Carbon Sprinkling.

Our free LIFETIME WARRANTY support privileges lead the water industry today. We are here to help our beloved customers 7 DAYS PER WEEK. Even on weekends and holidays! Remember that none of our people work on commission. They have no reason to sell you more than you need, unlike many in-home commission salespeople. And our support staff are based right here in the good old USA!