Cryptosporidium Water Filters

Cryptosporidium water filters are used when chlorine does not work. Because Cryptosporidium (Crypto) is a chlorine resistant parasite that when consumed by humans, can pass through the stomach into the intestine and cause illness. So the best way to treat crypto in water is with a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System with Ultra Violet Sterilization. Or, if you want to treat the whole house, you can put the UV system on your main water line and then install the Reverse Osmosis System at your kitchen sink. And you can also use a whole house reverse osmosis system with an added UV light.

UV Sterilization

UV not only will kill the Crypto parasite. But will also treat many other types of bacterium such as e-coli and coliform.

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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
cryptosporidium water filters

If you are not using a UV sterilizer on the whole house and have tested positive for Crypto in your water, we would highly recommend using a Reverse Osmosis System with the UV option. And Cryptosporidium will be GONE!

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Whether you are thinking about Ultra Violet Sterilization or a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System, when treating well water for any impurities. It is always a good idea to gather a little information first. And we would recommend that anyone with well water gather the information under items # 7, 16 and 17 on our Articles/FAQ'S page. Also, please do not hesitate to contact one or our expert technicians if you have any questions. And they will always be friendly and helpful and never pressure you in any way.