Water Conditioner System

This water conditioner system and water softening system doesn't just soften the water. Unlike a conventional water treatment systems. This water softening and conditioning system removes many other unwanted contaminants from your household water. More importantly, it removes lead, arsenic, harmful chemicals, pesticides, hard water, dirt settlement, bad smells, bad tastes etc. And it leaves your skin very soft, smooth and silky. In addition, it keeps your house sparkling clean and your towels and clothes soft and fluffy.

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This water conditioner system and water softening system doesn't just soften the water Water conditioner treatment system

This water conditioner has two 1.0 cubic foot tanks. One tank is a normal sized 1.0 Cubic ft. water softener (30K). And the other tank is a 1.0 Cubic ft. polishing tank. As a result, these two tanks will leave the water in your home soft, luxurious and chemical free. And lease note that the salt tank in front of the two tanks can be positioned anywhere. Such as sitting beside the two main tanks. In addition, in can be placed on the other side of the wall from the two tanks as well.


Perfect for the DIY "Do it yourself" homeowner. Any handy person can install it easily. Just ask about or "Quick Connect" option. With our quick connect option, most people have the unit "Plumbed In" to the water line in seconds. Or you can have it professionally installed by any professional handyman or plumber. If you are not still sure about installing your new system, just give one of our friendly water techs a quick call.


Whole House Water Softener-Water Conditioning

This larger sized water conditioner is for larger families. It has two 1.5 cubic foot tanks. One tank is a normal sized 1.5 ft water softener (45K). The other tank is a 1.5 Cubic ft. polishing tank. These two tanks will leave the water in your home soft, luxurious and chemical free.

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Water conditioner treatment system water softener

These amazing, and fully automatic, water softener and water purifying conditioner systems, have a separate hi-tech polishing and purifying tank built right in. Above all, it is the best water conditioning you can buy. But no annoying water cartridge filters to replace. And lowest maintenance-lowest ongoing cost automatic electronic water filter. Above all, it is virtually maintenance free.

Water Conditioner FEATURES:

*MOST EFFICIENT: This water conditioner is the most efficient. So when one tank cleans itself it uses the same water to clean the other tank. As a result, you are saving up to 50% on water usage. Furthermore, instead of those wasteful whole house systems that use two separate tanks for the water softener and the water conditioner. So the average customer only adds salt about once per year when properly sized. Therefore this unit easily replaces expensive in home sale company's units costing as much as $7000.

*EASY INSTALL: Great for the DYI "Do it yourself" homeowner. These powerful water conditioning and softening systems install in seconds using our optional "Quick connect" system. In addition, no special tools, torches or plumbing utensils.

*REMOVES MORE: This water treatment system removes more. Removes hardness, dirt, rust, strong chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine, removes foul tastes and smells, arsenic, pesticides and much more.

*SAVE SPACE: Most two tank whole house water  softening systems require more space. Use our optional quick connect systems for easy DIY installation.

*MORE VERSATILE: A separate tank holds carbon normally. But can be altered to hold anything else you may want or need for a private well.

1. And you can fill it with minerals to raise pH on home well water systems.

2. Furthermore, add other things like Terminox® ISM mineral to remove iron, sulfur and manganese, dirt, turbidity, foul smells and even strong chemicals.

3. And add other minerals to remove sand and dirt.

 Please note: In conclusion, each water treatment system is custom made to order. As a result, the unit shown does not always look exactly like the one you might receive.