Well Water Treatment Equipment and Accessories including: Well Water Pumps, Well Water Parts, Tank Fittings, Pressure Tanks, Resins and Media.

Whether you need a complete well water setup. Or if you just need to replace a part in your existing well water system. We have what you need. And we have well water pumps in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 horsepower, pressure tanks from 14 gallon to 19 gallon. Also we can custom fit a package to your specific application. Just give us a call and one of our technicians will be glad to assist you.

Premium High Performance Jet Pumps

Premium high quality jet pumps for deep and shallow wells. A Jet pump is a pump that is outside the well. Not down inside the well. These Jet pumps can be wired with either 110v or 220v power supply.

Well Water Treatment Equipment Jet Pumps


.50 HPJP-2$310Buy Now
.75 HPJP-3$425Buy Now
1.0 HPJP-1$537Buy Now

Pressure Tank Fitting Packages

These packages include brass cross, pressure gauge, pressure switch, boiler drain, stop. And also include waste valve and brass nipples.

Please specify 110 or 220 volt when ordering.

Well Water Treatment Tank Fitting Package

Plus (relief valve)TP-2$93Buy Now
BasicTP-1$83Buy Now
Premium Pressure Tanks

Budget priced Premium Fiberglass well water pressure tanks. The best in well water treatment equipment. American Made. And high quality fiberglass construction will not rust or dent. Many people replace leaking tanks with this one using their existing fittings and gauges.

Well Water Treatment Equipment Premium Pressure Tank
15 Gal. 16x272004$188Buy Now
20 Gal. 16x322010$198Buy Now
30 Gal. 16x442002$225Buy Now
40 Gal. 16x572012$265Buy Now

Other sizes available upon request. Add a pump mount to the top of the tank for $55.Buy Now

Pump Mount for Pressure Tank

Deluxe Pressure Tanks

Floor stand models designed for residential use. And these units require minimal floor space.

Well water treatment equipment Deluxe Pressure Tank
14 Gal. 16x242014$402Buy Now
20 Gal. 16x322020$457Buy Now
32 Gal. 16x472032$508Buy Now
34 Gal. 22x302034$649Buy Now
Larger Deluxe Pressure Tanks

These models are designed for larger homes and institutions such as country clubs, farms, etc. And they are able to handle the demands of larger systems while requiring a minimal amount of space. Also please remembere carry only the very best quality well water treatment equipment.

44 Gal. 22x362544$672Buy Now
62 Gal. 22x472562$800Buy Now
81 Gal. 22x572581$859Buy Now
86 Gal. 26x482586$1141Buy Now
119 Gal. 26x6225119$1353Buy Now
Well Pump Complete Packages Include

Deluxe Tank, 1/2, 3/4 or 1HP Pump, Fittings and Gauges. For people starting from scratch that need everything. Such as new homes, new builds, etc. Remember that submersible pumps will either be wired as 110v or 220v. So you must specify which one you want.

Well Pump Complete Packages
14 Gal. Tank14D1$799Buy Now
20 Gal. Tank20D1$849Buy Now
32 Gal. Tank32D1$899Buy Now
34 Gal. Tank34D1$1039Buy Now
44 Gal. Tank44D1$1059Buy Now
62 Gal. Tank62D1$1189Buy Now
81 Gal. Tank81D1$1249Buy Now
86 Gal., Tank86D1$1529Buy Now
119 Gal. Tank119D1$1739Buy Now
Well Pump Complete Packages
14 Gal. Tank14D2$839Buy Now
20 Gal. Tank20D2$899Buy Now
32 Gal. Tank32D2$945Buy Now
34 Gal. Tank34D2$1085Buy Now
44 Gal. Tank44D2$1109Buy Now
62 Gal. Tank62D2$1235Buy Now
81 Gal. Tank81D2$1298Buy Now
86 Gal. Tank86D2$1579Buy Now
119 Gal. Tank119D2$1739Buy Now
Well Pump Complete Packages
14 Gal. Tank14D3$1025Buy Now
20 Gal. Tank20D3$1079Buy Now
32 Gal. Tank32D3$1129Buy Now
34 Gal. Tank34D3$1269Buy Now
44 Gal. Tank44D3$1295Buy Now
62 Gal.Tank62D3$1419Buy Now
81 Gal. Tank81D3$1479Buy Now
86 Gal. Tank86D3$1759Buy Now
119 Gal. Tank119D3$1975Buy Now
Reverse Osmosis Tanks (RO)

Reverse Osmosis Storage (Bladder) Tanks

4 Gal.ROTK4$79Buy Now
20 Gal.ROTK20$279Buy Now
40 Gal.ROTK40$399Buy Now
80 Gal.ROTK80$575Buy Now


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E-mail: support@waterfiltersofamerica.com

Well Water Treatment RESINS and Minerals

We have all types of products. And if you need other resin and medias/minerals not listed here, please call 800-684-0979 for assistance.

common water softener resin
carbon resin
calcite resin
other softener resin type
Calcite Plus40 LBS$169Buy Now
Calcite50 LBS$59Buy Now
Active Carbon1 CFT$99Buy Now
KDF City4 LBS$59Buy Now
KDF Well4 LBS$69Buy Now
SODA ASH50 LBS$94Buy Now
GRAVEL16 LBS$20Buy Now
Manganese Oxide.5 CFT$149
Buy Now
GARNET16 LBS$20Buy Now
RES UP4 GAL$66Buy Now
RES UP12 QTS$78Buy Now
Lt Turbidity1 CFT$49Buy Now
Lt Turbidity5 CFT$199Buy Now
Lt Turbidity10 CFT$349Buy Now
Softener Res.5 CFT$65Buy Now
Tannin Resin.5 CFT$329Buy Now
Greensand1 CFT$119Buy Now
Arsenic Resin1 CFT$925Buy Now
D.I. Resin1 CFT$430Buy Now
Nitrate Resin.5 CFT$369Buy Now

Manganese Oxide:

We sell Manganese Oxide/Manganese Dioxide in bulk. Replaces virtually all oxidizing minerals including, Pyrolox, Filox, Katalox, Mang-ox, Pro-Ox, Greensand, Greensand Plus, etc.  Also a direct replacement for Birm and other air injection type minerals.  More information can be found here: Manganese Oxide

Well Water Treatment Equipment Flow Controls

You can use a Flow Control Device to reduce the water flow from 5 to 20 GPM. And these stainless steel components provide accurate and reliable flow control.


3/4 inchFC1$75Buy Now
1 inchFC2$99Buy Now

Read on to learn about common sales tactics and things to watch out for on our Compare Methods page.

We have a wide variety of quality pumps, submersible or jet pumps for shallow and deep wells, virtually any size pressure tank that you may need, pressure relief valves, pressure gauges, and many other well water setup parts and accessories. Don't see what you need? Call, email or visit our live chat to get great advice from one of our industry leading technicians. They are always friendly and helpful and will never pressure you in any way.

Other Well Water Treatment Equipment Products

Water Softener-Used in well water treatment to remove calcium and magnesium from the water to create soft water and prevent calcium or scale build up and to make soaps more efficient.

Chemical Feed System-Used in well water treatment to treat iron bacteria, organics, e-coli, coliform and to neutralize acidic water or raise pH.

Acid Neutralizer-Used in water treatment to neutralize acidic water and to raise the pH level.

Reverse Osmosis-Used in well water treatment to reduce the total dissolved solids (TDS) from the water creating pure, clean, great tasting drinking water. Commonly used to greatly reduce the sodium content after a water softener.

Iron Filters-Used in water treatment to remove heavy metals, odors and colors. A good iron filter will remove iron, sulfur, manganese, taste and odor from the water.

Dirt/Turbidity Filter-Used in water treatment to remove dirt, turbidity, sand and sediment from the water.

Well Water Systems-Complete packages for well water treatment. Including iron filters, chlorine injection systems, retention tanks, water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems and ultra violet sterilizers.

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