Clean Drinking Water Filters for Your Home

Drinking water filters fall types. Whether you just want to improve the taste of your water or if you want to remove certain impurities such as sodium, chlorine, lead, arsenic or any other specific contaminant. We have the drinking water filter to fit your needs. Including, faucet mount filters, carbon filters, sediment filters, counter top filters, under counter filters, many types of reverse osmosis drinking water systems and even a portable water filter. Whatever your water issues are, we can help give you clean, pure great tasting water right at your fingertips.

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Faucet Mount Drinking Water Filters

The faucet mount drinking water filter removes taste, odor, smells, chlorine, chemicals and many other impurities to give you great tasting water right from your tap. And, it is portable too! For more information, read our Faucet Mount Drinking Water Filter page.

Faucet Mount Filters are great for cabins, campers and travel too.

Under the Counter Drinking Water Filters

The two stage under sink drinking water system can be made to fit your needs. The standard unit comes with a five micron sediment filter and a carbon filter, but can be custom made for your needs. For heavy sediment, we can put in a five micron and a one micron filter. For heavy sediment or chemicals, we can make it with two carbon filters. We also have lead, organics, nitrate and bacteria reducing filters. Just tell us what you need, and we will customize it to fit your needs. For more information, read our page. Under Sink Filter

The standard unit comes with a five micron sediment filter and a carbon filter

Water filters come complete with mounting bracket, separate faucet, housing and filters.

DescriptionItem #Price
Faucet Filter FF-100 (Carbon)



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Micro-Twin T.O.C. + Lead-Organics



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Ultra VioletT.O.C. + Sediment-Bacteria



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Counter Top Drinking Water Filters

Counter top drinking water filters come in single, double and triple stage and can be used to remove contaminants such as sediment, chlorine, chemicals, lead, turbidity, bad taste, odors and many other impurities. They come complete with faucet, diverter valve and filters. For more information, read our Counter Top Filter page.

Counter top drinking water filters available in single, double and triple stage

Single Stage White Unit5165GAC$59.87Buy Now
Single Stage Chrome Unit w/Flow Meter5165CFM$105.87Buy Now
Single Stage White Unit w/Flow Meter5165WFM$95.87Buy Now
Single Stage Stainless Steel Unit5165SS$79.87Buy Now
Single Stage Clear Unit5165CAR$59.87Buy Now
Dual Stage White Unit5165SG$69.87Buy Now
Dual Stage Clear/White Unit5165CG$69.87Buy Now
Dual Stage Stainless Steel Unit5165DS$109.87Buy Now
Triple Stage Stainless Steel Unit5165TS$139.87Buy Now

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Remove sodium, potassium and salt from water softeners and other unwanted contaminants with our state of the art Reverse Osmosis System. Pure drinking water at the touch of a button. Our RO systems feature state of the art technology at a budget price. You should NEVER drink the water from a water softener, and drinking bottled water is too expensive and you never know what quality the bottled water is. Our RO units remove the unhealthy sodium and salt softeners leave behind as well as other dissolved solids, nitrates and heavy metals. With our state of the art home reverse osmosis drinking water systems you never have to worry about how well your water is filtered. It will even remove chemicals, carcinogens and human waste from the sewage treatment plant process or septic systems. Featuring easy to replace filters and the complete RO unit is easy to install; ours are the best RO Systems available on the market today! Compare to other units those in-home commissioned sales people are selling for $600 to $1500. Ours are just as good and in most cases far superior. Premium Equipment-Budget Prices. For more information, read our Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filters page.

Reverse osmosis drinking water filters

DescriptionItem #Price
4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water SystemFMRO4G$199.87Buy Now
5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water SystemFMRO5$219.87Buy Now
5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System w/ Booster PumpFMRO5BP$329.87Buy Now
5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System w/ Ultra Violet (UV)4816-5/84602$479.87Buy Now

We have virtually any type of drinking water filters to fit your needs. Whether you want our simple to use faucet filter and counter top drinking water filters or our under the counter drinking water filter for great taste and removing odor or our reverse osmosis drinking water system that provides pure, great tasting water without any smells or odors. If you just want a portable water bottle for clean water where ever you go. Please don't hesitate to contact us by phone, email or on the "live chat" to speak with one of our industry leading expert technicians about any of your water filtration needs. They are friendly and helpful and will never ask you to buy anything or pressure you in any way.

Please note: Some assembly is required on most purchases.

The best in clean water technology!

The Importance of Clean Water for Children

A child's body is less able to deal with impurities in drinking water. Chlorine, lead, parasites, and other common tap water components may have tragic long-term effects on small children. It is important to us that you provide your kids with the purest water possible. Our drinking water filters provide the safe and healthy water that your child deserves.