Benefits of Soft Water

The benefits of soft water are too numerous to mention. Buying a water softener is usually a simple choice for people with water that is very hard at all. If your water is not hard. You don't need a water softener. But if it is hard at all. You can't afford NOT to buy one.

Benefits of soft water. Home Water Softener System Image

Don’t think you will like the feel of soft water?

That is probably because you don’t understand what is going on. Most people who say then don’t like the slippery or slimy feel of soft water. Are people who hold a bar of soap in their hand when they shower or bath. This is the case almost every time we hear someone say that.

The reason is that the soap companies have to make that soap so strong to power over the hard water. If they don’t, it won’t suds up. Most people with really hard water will end up using a bar of soap in their bare hands to get enough suds. Even though they do not realize that they are doing it. With soft water you don’t need to power over all of that stuff in the water like calcium, limestone, rock and debris. Because all of that dirty sticky stuff has been removed.

The solution

Try getting a pump bottle type liquid soap for the shower. Just squirt a little “Dab” of soap onto your hand, wash clothe or loofa. Even with this very small amount of soap the bubbles will be everywhere. Then what you feel won’t be slimy. It will be soft, smooth and silky. We call it slippery clean. And it will leave your skin feeling softener and smoother right away. And over time most women say their skin looks years younger. This is true.

When shampooing, just use a tiny amount of shampoo the size of a dime or quarter. And the bubbles will just explode off of your head. And no longer do you need massive amounts of shampoo squirted out of the shampoo bottle. Also, you can reduce your cream rinses and conditioners to very little or nothing at all. And your your hair will be shiny and soft too. If this is true, can you see how it will save you a fortune on the most expensive soaps and cleaners in the store?


Even Doing Laundry Saves Money

For example, if you used powdered Tide for exam[ple. With hard water you might use a cup or cup and a half of Tide.With soft water you only need a 1/8 or 1/4 cup of the SAME detergents. Cut liquid detergent down to 1/8 or 1/4 the amount as well. Some people tell us they save from $50 to $100 each month on soaps, cleaners, shampoos, hand lotions and body oils, cream rinses and conditioners, all purpose cleaners, fabric softeners and more. 
It’s no wonder when you quit clogging up everything with soap scum and hardness in the water. And your clothes and towels will be so much softener, whiter and brighter. Have you ever been in a house where the towels and wash clothes are rough and abrasive? You know they have really hard water. And they are spending a fortune to fight it. Not to mention the wear and tear on pipes, sinks, fixtures, dripping faucets etc. Just heating the water in your water heater can take 2%0 to 40% more energy. And if you have a new instant hot water heater you will ruin it with really hard water. And those things are expensive to replace.
Still think you won’t like soft water. NO, you will LOVE it. Just just need to understand it. Think you can’t afford a water softener? Can you see how if you are a home OWNER you can’ afford not to have a water softener?
BENEFITS of Soft Water