Lead Water Filters

Lead water filters should be used anytime lead is found in residential water. Having lead in the body can cause serious damage to the brain, kidneys and nervous system. The most practical way to remove lead from the whole house water is with a traditional water softener, followed by a reverse osmosis drinking water system at your kitchen sink.

If you are only concerned about lead in your drinking water. Then a reverse osmosis unit can remove lead from your drinking water. Or you can actually use a water softener to remove lead. And you can use both.

lead water filter reverse osmosis RO removes lead from drinking water


How do you know what lead water filter you need?

It really depends on how much lead you have in your water. And it depends on whether you want to remove lead from the water in the whole house. Or if you are only interested in removing lead from your drinking water only.

It is always best to call and speak with a friendly water tech for some FREE no hassle advice.

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What is the best lead water filter for removing lead from the entire home? Some people want to do it as well as it can reasonably be done. In that case you might water to have a backwashing carbon tank. And follow that with a water softener. The lead will be gone from the whole house. Then add a reverse osmosis drinking water filter at the kitchen sink. That will do it. But if your water is not hard. You may want to just use a whole house carbon tank, which will greatly reduce lead from the household water. And then add reverse osmosis in the kitchen for the sink and/or fridge. So that you know the drinking water is a pure as possible.


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Deluxe High Flow-Rate Units:

Complete “Metered” Water Softener System for Homes and Businesses with Higher Flow Rates .

high flow rate water softener system
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Deluxe Demand Units are HIGH FLOW RATE "Metered" water softener systems. And are made for Larger Homes and Businesses that don't want the water softener to cut water pressure when high usage occurs. "Metered" means they only clean themselves when a certain amount of water has been used. They are the most efficient high flow water softeners that money can buy. And they are custom made in the good old USA!

Many additional sizes available. Visit our water softener page.

Reverse Osmosis Units as Lead Water Filters

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems (RO) are great for removing lead from drinking water. The bonus is that they remove many other unwanted contaminants as well. Also removes arsenic, sodium, salt, dissolved solids, heavy metals, bad tastes, bad smells and much more. Makes water taste so good it will make your toes curl up! You can even run a line to the fridge. Use one unit for the kitchen sink and refrigerator.

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For optional R.O. equipment. Please visit our reverse osmosis page.

Carbon Tanks for Lead Removal


Lead Water Filter Carbon Filter Tank Backwashing

You can also greatly reduce lead in the whole house with a backwashing carbon tank.

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For more information on carbon tanks. Please go to this page:

Whole House Carbon Tanks