Irrigation Water Filter Systems

Irrigation water filter systems can remove iron or rust in irrigation water and sprinkler systems. Iron, rust and dirt can cause problems of staining on anything it touches, such as sidewalks, driveways and fences. And even your house and plants if the contaminated water hits them. Also, it can cause plugging of sprinkler heads. And that can result in very expensive repair costs and service calls.

TERMINOX® Irrigation Systems

Our Terminox® ISM irrigation filters do a great job of removing iron from your sprinkler systems. But it also removes sulfur, manganese, dirt, sand and sediment. And they are a chemical free, salt free and maintenance free system. The Terminox® irrigation filter adds no harsh chemicals or salts to your water that can damage your plants and lawn. It is a "set it and forget it" system. Unlike those other irrigation systems where you need to constantly add costly chemicals every month. And still do not get ALL of the iron out. With our Terminox® filter, there are no chemicals to buy and you will not have anymore stains.

Irrigation water filter systems for well  water sprinkler systems

Note: To properly analyze any well water application you should follow these simple instructions, or call and speak with one of our expert technicians at 800-684-0979. While we do have some smaller size irrigation water filter systems, starting at $549.87. The sizes below are most common with sprinkler systems and irrigation filters as they have higher flow rates as a rule. These are great for virtually all home lawn sprinkler filter systems.

1.0 CFT7081BT$788Buy Now
1.5 CFT7082BT$849Buy Now
2.0 CFT7083BT$988Buy Now
2.5 CFT7084BT$1395Buy Now

Larger sizes available.

Note: Additional irrigation filter equipment may be needed if you have low pH or iron bacteria.


Now you can replace those expensive irrigation filter chemical systems that claim to bind up the iron and prevent it from staining. Those that are sold under the brand names American Hydro System Inc.®, Rid-o-Rust®, Rust off Inc®. and many others. When we talk to the people using those systems they tell us that they are spending hundreds of dollars every month for the chemical and in most cases still have the staining.

Read more about common sales methods and what to watch out for. Our Terminox® irrigation water treatment systems remove iron, sulfur, manganese, dirt, turbidity, smells and even harsh chemicals such as chlorine. They use no salt or chemicals and are virtually maintenance free. Just "set it and forget it". And Terminox® lawn sprinkler filters have an average live span of 25 to 35 years. So you do not have those ongoing monthly costs like you do with those expensive monthly chemical using irrigation water filter systems.