COMPARE Water Softener Companies

Compare water softener companies and compare water filter brands here. Just please keep in mind that most in home sales companies DO NOT tell you what anything costs. So you have to wait until the commissioned sales person is in your home doing his sales pitch to get prices. And that way he can "close you" when you want to think it over. Because of that, it is virtually impossible to make a laundry list of companies, products and prices. In a way, that is a blessing. Because it means that we now must talk more about comparing TACTICS. However, the average in home salesman is now charging $6000 to $8000 for home water softener and filter systems. Ours is of the same or better quality. And ours is a mere fraction of the cost.

What is a Slick Willy?

And the biggest issue in this industry is most water treatment companies are still trying to do business in what we call a "Slick Willy" fashion. They do a lot of smoke and mirrors magic "Tests" to get you excited enough to pay these high prices. And to do so on a first visit basis. Because they work on commission and they know that once you think about it and sleep on it, you will realize the price is unreasonable. You will then start shopping around. Never buy on the first visit. Compare brands and equipment. We will never try to sell you things you don't need. And we won't sell you things that require expensive service calls. We won't EVER gouge you with insane high prices.

There is a lot of information on this page. And some info is mentioned more than once. But if you read everything on this page, you will learn a great deal about how this industry works in general. And be patient and try to read it all if you can. Because it will serve you well. Especially if you are a novice about these things. You certainly want to compare water filter brands.


The most important things to consider about any water filter or water softener comparison, are the riser tube and basket sizes. The bigger the riser tube width, and the bigger the basket on the bottom of that tube, the more water that can flow through the tube to backwash and clean the unit. Then the control valve porting becomes important. Because if the tube is bigger, it won't matter if the port, or hole, in the bottom of the control valve is smaller. The porting on our residential valves is 1.25". Almost all of our competitors are only 3/4" or 1". 

The following chart shows many of the top brands and their comparison. We have listed them in order of premium quality. The better equipment overall is displayed higher on the chart. So the first one is best on the chart. And the last one is the most marginal in our opinion. The chart is for standard models offered. Some will have larger commercial sized units with bigger riser tubes. Or make larger units for really big homes. But those are even more expensive than their standard residential models. Our standard residential models are all high flow units to begin with. No extra charge here.

Budget Water WFOAALL 1.25"Xtra Large
RainSoftEC4 0.75"small
ClackWS-1 1.05"small
Fleck5600XS 1.05"small
AutotrolALL 1.05"small
PentairAll 1.05"small
FloTrolN25/F20 1.05"small
KineticoAll 1.05"small

Softeners and Filters: Ours vs Theirs

See videos of our premium grade water softener tanks and water filter tanks compared here. Just click on this link. You can see why our products feature the highest residential flow rate potential of all water softeners and water filters.

In the riser tube picture below. The riser tube on the right (Black) is way bigger than the one on the left (White). The white one is made from very flimsy material. It will break much easier. It takes no effort to bend it in half or break it. If that should happen, the mineral in the tank will fill up the water pipes in your house. And getting that stuff unclogged from your toilet water line and other fixtures is a nightmare! Our much larger tube is also much thicker. It is VERY hard to break. You certainly can't bend it in half. We have never seen that happen with one of our systems. It is hard to believe, but virtually all other in-home sales companies, and virtually all other online companies use these cheaply made white riser tubes. Especially with their standard line of residential softeners and filters.

Acid neutralizer water filter riser tube is the largest

Riser Tubes Compared

In fact, in the picture below, you can see that their small riser tube will actually fit INSIDE of ours. The outside of theirs is even smaller than the inside of ours. That's why our flow rate capacity is so much higher. Bigger tubes. Bigger ported valves. No wonder engineers love what we sell. Higher flow rate means higher efficiency. Simple math..

Terminox iron sulfur and manganese filters have the biggest riser tubes in their tanks.

It is hard to believe that almost everyone in this industry uses the cheaper and smaller riser tubes. Which can create expensive service call nightmares. 

In addition to the best and largest riser tubes on the market. We also have the biggest riser baskets. The riser tube (Distributor) has a basket on the bottom that is where it draws water that it sends into the home. The basket keeps the minerals in the tank from getting into your household water lines. The bigger the basket, the bigger the amount of water it can flow through the unit. It is simple math. That is why our units have such higher potential flow rates than the others.

The first one below is ours. The much smaller one is theirs. Which one do you think can draw the most water? Pretty obvious, isn't it? Is there anything a fast talking salesman could say to make you believe otherwise? 

large riser tube basket small riser tube basket

compare brands video of water softener and water filter tanks and riser tubes


When comparing water softener and softener filter tanks. There is one very important thing to remember. NEVER buy ANY tank from someone who is selling black or blue tanks. NEVER. This is your first sign that you are getting entry level equipment. They are the lowest cost tanks on the market. Dealers buy them so that they can BUY LOW and SELL HIGH. More importantly, these tanks are designed to create service calls. A quality premium tank, such as the ones we sell, will be a light almond color.

Premium Quality Tank

Almond colored premium grade tanks are best.

Entry Level Tanks

blue water softener tanks and blue water filter tanks are aftermarket low quality products. black water softener tanks and black water filter tanks are aftermarket products of low quality

Colored Tanks are Not Good

Premium quality almond colored tanks are made in such a fashion that a homeowner can place a bright light behind them to see what is happening inside. For example, on water softeners it lets you see the level of minerals inside. That can help you determine if you need to replace them. This is especially true for water filter tanks. Such as iron filter tanks and other backwashing well water filter tanks.

It is very inexpensive to replace minerals yourself if needed. It is VERY expensive to have a dealer do it. Colored tanks are not a good thing at any time. But blue and black tanks are your first warning that the people selling them are trying to create residual income. And they hate tanks that are DIY friendly.

Sales Tactics

Everything water treatment salesmen usually do is designed to create ongoing residual income. In other words, ongoing repairs, maintenance and service calls. So the minute you hear someone say that there needs to be scheduled "Maintenance Calls" every 3 months or a year, your warning alarm should go off. Because there is rarely a need for such silliness. And normally, a proper water filtering and softening system, such as what we normally sell, requires NO maintenance calls for 20 years or more. Anything that might need to be done, can almost always be done by the homeowner easily and inexpensively. But most of the time there is nothing to do other than add salt to the softener bin once a year, or change some filters in a drinking water system once a year. Simple stuff. Compare Water Softener Companies.

Even with problem private wells, where there is badly staining iron and rotten egg smelling sulfur. Most of these people can add our Terminox™ filter that requires NO salt, chemicals or maintenance of ANY kind for 20 to 30 years. And that is the average life expectancy of that filter.

The "DROP SHIP" game

Also, please keep in mind that most online companies just buy from someone else and "Drop ship" to people who buy. So you really never know what you are getting. And most online companies, and there are THOUSANDS of them cropping up online, are simply in-home sales companies trying to also get the online business started. Or guys working out of their basement trying to make a quick buck. And the average person does not know the difference, as they are not trained in these areas. But we certainly know what is going on. And we will give you some basic guidelines that you can follow to protect yourself from these tactics.

As the first water filter company to go online way back in the late 90s, we were also the first company ever to expose these sort of tactics. Things like adding carbon to softener tanks. We call this "Tank Sprinkling". And telling people it is ok to drink the water from a water softener. It is NOT ok. And people doing a "Smoke and Mirrors" soap demonstration in test flasks, using a soap called "Tincture of green" to make their water seem really bad. Then they do the "Soap Sell". Often giving people cheap "Pure" soaps they pay a soap dealer a small amount of money for. And then claim it is $5000 worth of cleaning power.. Beware the soap sell!


How to buy water softeners and water filters:

Watch out for Colored Tanks

NEVER buy any softeners or filters that have tanks that are blue or black. That is your first indication that you are buying cheap aftermarket stuff. Regardless of the sales pitch, these are the cheapest tanks on the market. Don't do it! The best tanks are almost ALWAYS almond or off white colored. Stay away from equipment that has tanks jackets covering the tanks, or sleeves around the outside of the tank. Some people even put fake chrome or metal jackets around them. Be wary of such practices. This actually hides the type of tank underneath. The only situation this may be appropriate for is if you are in a humid area and are worried about the tank sweating. But that is a rare situation indeed. And it needs to be removable for proper servicing if needed. If it is going to sweat, it is going to sweat. Compare Water Softener Companies.

Fleck Brand Controllers

DO NOT use Fleck Brand controllers on water that is really hard. Or water that has very much iron, sediment, sand or dirt in it. Most of the people selling these generic type valves are also in-home sales companies. Or began as in-home sales companies. They know that high hardness or iron makes the valve fail eventually. And that the people who manufacture the Fleck valves, only sell the special tools to fix them, to water treatment companies. These companies are after the "residual income" generated by equipment failures. Compare Water Softener Companies.

And it is not just Fleck. It is ANY piston driven valve. Ask the dealer if the valve has a piston. If he says yes, RUN! And if he gives you any sales nonsense about how it is ok or better, the way you know he is full of it is that his lips are moving.. Almost ALL in home sales companies use pistons. It creates what they call residual income. Those service calls are a big income generator. You should virtually never need a service call with our piston free, frictionless rotary valves.

Don't Drink Soft Water

DO NOT buy from unscrupulous companies that say it is ok to drink the water from a water softener. It is a fact that if the water is hard enough to need to be softened. It is almost a CERTAINTY that it will be far beyond the safe drinking water standards as set forth by the EPA and American Heart Association. You can read more about this here: DRINKING SOFT WATER.

Don't remove iron with a softener

If you have a private well as a water supply. NEVER use a water softener as an iron filter. This is one of the biggest tricks in the water treatment industry. It is designed to take money from you for many years to come in costly equipment repairs and service calls. Read more about this tactic here: Removing Iron With Softeners. Watch out for the slickster that recommends "iron out" type salt. Now there is another harsh chemical your water is exposed to.

Old Backup Battery Type Equipment

NEVER BUY a water softener or automatic backwashing filter that requires "Old style" backup batteries to guard against power failures. Just ask this direct question: Does your equipment have a backup battery to protect against power failures? If they answer yes, RUN!

These type of older technologies are faulty. If a power failure lasts for a few hours, or even a few days, these batteries can run down. The older the system, the older the batteries will be. And older the batteries are. The more likely they will fail. Our units are "Hard Programmed". You can go without power for a day, a week or even years. And you will NEVER need someone to reprogram that unit. Some companies charge hundreds of dollars to reprogram and replace old batteries.

Proper Testing on Well Water

If you have well water. Never buy from anyone who does not insist on a water test (Always get this independently as in-home sales companies can alter the tests for their own benefit). They should also do a "Flow Rate Check". This is a MUST. Read more here: Proper Well Water System Sizing. It is easy to do by gathering a little info from around the house.

Beware the in-home Water Test

Don't fall for the offer for companies who want to send a "Water Tester" into your home for a FREE water test. If you are on a city water or public municipal water supply, EVERYONE already knows what it is like. Just call the local water provider that you pay your bill to. They will tell you what the maximum hardness is that you will see.

And the so called "Tester" person is really a commissioned salesperson, who makes no money unless he walks out with a high dollar sale. He ALREADY knows how hard the water is before he gets to your home. And he can add a little extra water to the test tube and make it seem even worse than it is. If you are on a private well. You can send us a sample. Or just take a sample down to the local hot tub/swimming pool supply store. They will usually test for free as well.


Don't use carbon filters on non-chlorinated well water including Brita, PUR and Pura. In this day and age, there is little need for always replacing carbon. It is a common tactic used by both online and in-home companies to generate ongoing income from you.


On well water you should not buy from people who mix different minerals in the same tank for iron filters. Such as calcite, or other acid neutralizer minerals in tanks. Different minerals and carbons such as KDF, activated carbon or other carbons, should never be mixed in the same tank. Most should not be used at all.


CALL TOLL FREE:  800-684-0979


And the list goes on and on about things to watch out for. Please feel free to call and speak with one of our friendly water techs about your situation. We will tell you exactly what you need. And exactly what it should cost. Even if you never buy a thing from us. We offer this to the public as a community service. And our friendly water techs are never allowed to ask you to buy ANYTHING. Or pressure you in any way. And they DON'T work on commission. They just answer your questions and give you great advice.


Who is the best in home type sales company? This year it is a tie between Culligan and RainSoft.

The reason why Culligan® is generally considered to be one of the best: They are certainly the most recognized name in water softening sales inside your home. While a lot of companies who sell in the home. Get themselves on national news TV programs for making unusual or misleading claims and promises. We have never seen a Culligan® representative caught doing this. And we respect that.

They usually call hardness what it is, which is hardness. Many companies call hardness "impurities" or insinuate that hardness is something else. Culligan® equipment is made of high quality components. It is our opinion that if you are not going to buy from us, and decide to buy from a local in-home sales company. Culligan® is probably a good way to go.

They are more expensive than we are. But they usually do offer installation as an added convenience. And they are expensive, however. The other thing we respect about the Culligan® brand is they rarely use high pressure telemarketers like many in home sales companies do. And they have also shown a sense of pride. They stand behind their name as we stand behind ours.

Read More Here: In-home Sales Tactics

NOTE: While Culligan® is a reputable company, they still are represented by many individual private dealers. You should check out each local dealer individually before making a purchase. Please feel free to contact us for an evaluation of what a dealer has offered you. But don't expect us to talk them down, or say bad things about them. Besides we are still the highest quality at the lowest price; period!

The reason why RainSoft® is generally considered to be one of the best: They are probably the second most recognized brand in the country. They normally sell a premium product. And often at a premium cost. And like Culligan®, it seems Rain Soft® teaches their dealers that hardness is hardness. We respect that. And we also respect that you can't monitor every salesman every minute of the day. As they spend most of their time working in-home sales calls unsupervised. RainSoft® seems to have a great structure and chain of command. Their products are good quality as long as they are properly applied. They obviously have the best sales marketing approach. And they are always looking for the next cutting edge marketing tool to help their dealers. The factory certainly stands behind their products. 

Read More Here: In-home Sales Tactics

Who is the best online?

That is an easy one. It is the best American Made company. With the best custom made to order equipment. That includes the best manufacturer's warranty. And the best American Based support staff. Also, it is the company with no middlemen. We are the manufacturer. And we ship direct to your door. You can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

It is of course:

This is a simple fact.

Save Hundreds, Even Thousands of dollars and get a comparable, if not FAR superior Water Treatment System from us for a mere FRACTION of the cost. Save on water softeners, conditioners, well water filtration systems, city water filter systems and drinking water systems. Including reverse osmosis drinking water purifiers from $199!


With Premium Brands, it is not always what the specs are, because many are similar in overall quality. It comes down to who the water treatment system companies are. And how do they do business. Do they know what they are doing? Do they care? Who do you believe?

We have the answers for you. If you are considering a new water softener, water conditioner, well water filtration system, iron filter, sulfur filter, drinking water filters or anything else. WE have the answer for you even if you never buy a thing from us. You should read this WHOLE page before you move on to anything else.

Compare Water Softener Companies


We are the absolute experts on easy and inexpensive remedies for these contaminants. Just call and speak with a friendly water tech for advice on how to approach these issues. You will be shocked at how simple we make it. Compare this to what the in home sales companies are trying to sell you... You will be very glad you found us.

Replace: Culligan®, Ionics®, Kinetico®, Rain Soft®, Hague®, Water Resources, Rayne®, Eco Water® etc.

Replace their water softeners, water conditioners, water filtration and water purification equipment with our high quality Water Filters of America™ custom made water treatment systems. Made from only the highest quality National Name Brand components. And replace those high priced "Proprietary" brands at a fraction of the cost. 

For example: We are NOT Culligan®. But the same companies that provide components for most of the Premium Brand in-home sales companies, often make them for us as well. Including brands like Fleck®, Autotrol®, GE®, Structural and the other Premium Brand component makers. But we charge as much as 80% less for the same or SUPERIOR quality water treatment system. Our equipment is made in the USA and shipped from the USA. We also make our equipment in Canada and ship in from Canada to Canadian residents. No expensive border fees!

GREAT for DIY, Do it yourself homeowners

DIY: We are great for the do-it-yourself person as well; though we can refer you to an installer in your area if needed. Our "quick connect" custom softener and filter tanks require no special tools or torches. Any handy person can do it. And just about everyone knows someone, who is reasonably handy and will do anything for a free meal or a six pack of beer. We ALL know a guy like that. And we can easily walk him through it. Or he can watch step by step videos on our special installation website (Customers ONLY). We just ask that you don't give him any beer until he is done..

Water Softener-Water Conditioner Information and General Price Comparisons:

We do not represent any soft water or "Conditioned Water" companies mentioned here other than Water Filters of America™. If any company mentioned has a trademark or logo they want shown here, just let our webmaster know at: They will accommodate you in any way possible in most cases. We think most of the companies we mention here are reputable as a rule. Most have quality equipment as well.

But each individual water treatment dealer, in each city and town, is only as good as its dealer. We see a lot of manufacturers with great equipment who have independent dealers or sales people representing their products who do a really poor job. Most of them at least try to get it right.


For these companies, selling in the home is a tough and competitive business. We can usually tell the difference between a good application and a bad one for you. If you can describe your water and what they offered. Remember we are never allowed to ask you to buy anything or pressure you in ANY way. Our friendly and very knowledgeable water filter advisors just answer your questions and give you great advice. If you do decide that you want to buy something, just let us know. This truly is a soft place to land.


Have you had one of those local companies come in and try to sell you a water softener and a drinking water system for $3000-$8000? We can usually give you the same or better quality of water for under $1000 in most cases. And some times as little as $199. 

REMEMBER: These in home sales people are exactly that, sales people. Their job is to leave with the sale. If they aren't likable or believable they would not be sales people. Those are almost always salesmen working for large commissions. If they don't sell, they starve! You should always consider getting INDEPENDENT testing outside the home from people who DO NOT sell water equipment. Take it to a local lab or even a swimming pool supply store. If you simply have no other option you can send it to us, we will test it for free and NEVER ask you to buy anything.


We are not allowed to ask you for an order. And our expert technicians and analysts do not work on commission. Their job is to analyze your situation. And give you great advice. Even if you never buy anything at all from us. So don't be afraid to call us; or chat with us online; or shoot us a quick e-mail. We will never make you feel pressured in any way. We just answer your questions and we feel that if you want to make a purchase, you will let us know.

Think about it. Sleep on it.

And never, EVER buy on the first night or the first visit. What would your mother say? She would say think about it and sleep on it, before you buy anything. Shop and compare. If it is a good idea today, it will be a good idea tomorrow. Don't be hurried by losing offered soap products or other gimmicks. And coupon clubs, air filters, vacations, soap products and many of the other gimmicks are designed to make you buy "on the spot". You know if you don't buy emotionally tonight, that you likely never will buy from them after you shop around. So they are desperate to sell to you on the first visit. They certainly do not want you to find us. Always compare Water Softener Companies

Save up to 80% or more over in-home sales companies.

The reason why Water Filters of America™ is one of the best online companies, is that Water Filters of America sells premium brand equipment made with only the finest NATIONAL name brand components. And built to an industry standard (you can get replacement parts anywhere).

Our tech support staff are experts at both private well applications and municipal city water applications. We understand city water applications are different in each city and ONE SIZE does not fit all.

On well water applications we specialize in problem water solving techniques. We can solve iron, sulfur and manganese issues without the use of salt or chemicals and with virtually no maintenance in most cases. And we are the originators of some of the best chemical free and salt free, iron and sulfur filters on the internet. We can do all of this at a mere fraction of the cost of most in-home sales companies. And we get it right virtually every time or we don't sell it.

We also offer tech support to our customers 7 days per week. Even on Sundays and most Holidays. The days of expensive in-home service calls are over! Water Filters of America™ sets the standard for all other online companies to follow.


Beware of companies that sell magnets, electronics and alloys promising that they will make your water soft. We haven't found any that pass a single test. Also, beware of companies that mix different media in their softeners and filter tanks such as carbon or mixing acid neutralizer materials in with softeners or iron filters. Or companies that mix Pyrolox and carbon together for example.

Also, beware of companies bragging about the use of other mixed carbons and minerals carbons such as coconut carbon, KDF carbons and fine mesh resins. Those carbons often may have trouble absorbing heavy metals and other substances though it lasts a bit longer than activated carbon. And it is extremely expensive to replace. Don't drink softener water and don't use softeners as iron filters. We were the first company to expose these tactics in order to give the potential customer a first line of defense against such methods.

WHO IS THE WORST? (and why)

Magnet companies, anode or electric ion type water softeners, "salt free" softeners, alloy companies, fly by night in-home sales companies. Companies that sell twin softener units that do not have electronic brains (non-electric) draw the most complaints here. Compare Water Softener Companies.

If it sounds too good to be true, especially people who claim to have "Salt Free" water softeners, it probably is too good to be true. A good independent source for water treatment quackery:

Water Pseudoscience Buyers beware!

And of course, stay away from the companies that use water softeners as iron filters. Which is something you should never do. Companies who tell you it is ok to drink water from a softener really get us going! And then there are the well drillers that sell a greensand pot-perm unit on everything, when they should not be using them at all. Then there are the online companies who swear Pyrolox is the best. As the innovators of Pyrolox online, we know them better than anyone. And we still occasionally sell them. But Terminox™ is far better.


Our Terminox® (Iron, sulfur and manganese filters) are the very best of all iron, sulfur and manganese filters on the market. We sell Terminox™ 500 to 1, over Pyrolox and other types. And we have the best Pyrolox applications out there. We have sold more Pyrolox units than anyone. We were the originators of Pyrolox online.

Compare Water Softener Companies


Also it is our opinion that companies that mix any sort of carbon in the main tank of their softeners are ones to watch out for. Be really careful to ask questions before buying from one of these companies. Also be especially wary of online companies selling iron filters that are made with magnets and are miraculously supposed to give you soft water. It amazes us what some companies can get people to buy! Compare Water Softener Companies.

Magnets Don't Work Miracles KDF/MagnetsAlloy Softener Info.

IF YOU FEEL "CLUELESS" about all of this, and need a little friendly guidance on how to get started. The following should help you greatly. Don't worry, it's really not that complicated. You can absolutely do it. So sit back, relax and take a load off. And read the following please:


We pretty much consider anything that is municipal water to be chlorinated. And as a rule, chlorinated water is generally free of high amounts of iron and sulfur. So when we are deciding how to treat chlorinated water, we consider it to be what we call "city" water. If it is a community well and follows these guidelines, then it is city water to us as well. If it is a small community well or similar system, and it does not chlorinate, we consider it a well water application. The well water advice is a little farther down the page. So if you are still not sure what you have. Just call one of our techs for assistance. Or drop us an e-mail, or click on the CHAT feature we have on almost every page of the site. Compare Water Softener Companies.


CALL TOLL FREE:  800-684-0979


City Water:

The first mistake people often make when trying to figure out how to solve their problem. Is that they start at some arbitrary or random piece of equipment and then work BACKWARDS towards the water and the water quality. The proper way is to start at the water quality and move FORWARD to the equipment. If you pay a water bill, just call the number on that bill and ask them some basic questions. The main question to ask is how hard is the water where you live? After that simply give one our techs a call or send us an e-mail and we can tell you what you need. We may ask you a few more questions. You can always chat live with us as well on our website.

Premium Dual Purpose Water Softener Conditioner

Our most popular City Water Softener/Conditioner Replaces Culligan®, Sears®, Kinetico®, Ionics®, RainSoft®, EcoWater®, Hague®and virtually all others. And you can change the media in it if your water changes. In other words you could use it for city water with heavy chlorine and then convert it to a private well to remove iron and sulfur. An amazing value. And an amazing water treatment system.

The dual purpose system takes care of taste, smells, odors, dry skin, stiff or coarse clothing, chlorine, chemicals, soap scum and gives you luxurious suds. It raises your quality of life (at a fraction of the cost). Separate Activated Carbon (or alternative media) chamber for EASY and CHEAP carbon replacement every two-three years. One unit does it all! And without mixing media which is never recommended. It is not our cheapest or our most expensive. Just the most popular water treatment system for city water that is heavily chlorinated.

Well Water:

The first mistake people often make when trying to figure out how to solve their problem, is that they start at some arbitrary or random piece of equipment. And then they work BACKWARDS towards the water and the water quality. The proper way is to start at the water quality and the well's "Flow Rate". And then move FORWARD to the proper equipment. All of this is simple and easy to do in about 5 to 10 minutes around the home. Of course you need to test the water first. Anything short of that is foolish. And we can even tell you how to get testing done for FREE. The very best thing to do if you have a private well is follow the instructions under items 7, 16 & 17 on this page:

Well Water Filtration FAQs

Then contact one of our technicians either by phone or e-mail. And he will tell you exactly what you need and exactly what it will cost. We have sulfur smell solutions from $325 and iron filters starting at $49. Backwashing maintenance free, chemical free and salt free iron, sulfur and manganese filters start at $499. And are far superior to what you would find elsewhere for thousands. Premium Equipment-Budget Prices!


You should virtually NEVER use a water softener as an iron filter. The iron makes the softener use excessive amounts of salt over time and the iron also damages the softener minerals over time often resulting in the need for expensive mineral replacement. Many companies use this tactic to create ongoing expensive service calls over the years. It also creates those companies extra salt revenues because you have to buy a lot more salt.

Compare Water Softener Companies. We also strongly believe you should be wary of companies who say it is ok to drink the water from a softener. A water softener replaces the hardness in the water with sodium. It is not good to add ANY more sodium to your daily diet. If you already have a water softener, you should either drink bottled water or add a reverse osmosis drinking system ($199) in the kitchen to purify your drinking and cooking water after it travels through the softener. Our position is that this is true, even if you use a water softener salt substitute such as potassium chloride. Which is also an actual type of salt.


Watch Out for Telemarketers and In-Home Sales Companies. Compare Water Softener Companies.

There are some soft water companies that will sell you ordinary softeners all day long for city water. Knowing full well that they breakdown in heavily chlorinated water supplies and eventually cause the resin (softening media inside) to reduce in quantity. The result being that the unit will now use much more salt to function. Or not function properly or efficiently. The people selling you salt love it!

Some national brand companies seem to mostly sell "softeners only" on city water that is heavily chlorinated, almost never with a carbon tank to remove chlorine. Other companies have a habit of putting carbon inside softening units that have softening media in the same tank and call them "conditioners". They mix together (we call this "tank sprinkling"). The carbon is almost IMPOSSIBLE to remove from the softening media thereafter. It MUST be REMOVED and replenished periodically or it can make your water WORSE. How are you going to remove it? Some dealers may offer separate back washing carbon tanks. This is a much better application if you have the money.


Compare Water Softener Companies. Some soft water companies' equipment seems to be of great quality and the warranties (usually parts only warranties) are good. However, the equipment is very expensive. Most of these companies seem to have no national price limits to speak of. Each soft water dealer seems to sell it for what ever he wants. We find it amazing how many people tell us they bought $3000 to $8000 or greater cost units from some of these companies and then when they tried to cancel the order, after feeling a bit of buyer's remorse, the equipment was then offered at a greatly reduced rate. Sometimes less than 1/2 the original price.

Of course for any neighbors who bought the same equipment at full price but did not try and cancel, this may be a great disadvantage. It certainly does not seem fair does it? Someone did not get as fair of a deal did they? It seems fairness might dictate everyone pays the same. Everyone pays the same at Water Filters of America™.


Be careful. Compare Water Softener Companies. City water treatment should almost NEVER cost more than $1000 for household and drinking water filtration, for people who simply have hard water on a municipal water supply. Well water is sometimes a bit more expensive as a rule, but not always. It has many more things that can be wrong.


And well water is sometimes more difficult to treat because you really have to know what's in it to treat it. Most people could never afford to test for everything. But you simply must test for the basics before you buy anything. Remember we will test for the basics for FREE if you would like to send us a sample. But rarely does it cost thousands and thousands of dollars like a MAJORITY of these companies charge.

Also, watch out for the soft water "SOAP SELL". That is where a water treatment company gives you a multi year supply of soap products to get you to buy water treatment equipment TONIGHT. Don't fall for that one. That should be your first warning sign that you are going to spend a fortune! We used to offer soap products here but found out that when given the choice, most people prefer their own soap products after the sales pitch wears off a few days later.


And, our customers tell us that their favorite name brand products work far better than the ones offered by these soap companies. The most common companies we see using this soap sell tactic are the Hague®, RainSoft, Rayne®, Eco, Water Resources and Kinetico Brand softening brands. There are many others as well. And there is nothing at all wrong with these companies offsetting the expense of the equipment by offering free products. But if they make it a condition of buying TONIGHT, then you may want think that over a bit.

WARNING: Beware of any company that tries to pressure you IN ANY WAY to buy on the first contact. Whether with cash discounts or soap products.  Or "demo units", or whatever. If it is a good deal tonight, it will be a good deal tomorrow. A "one time only" price is usually for fools. Wouldn't you agree? Think about it. Sleep on it. What would your parents advise you?


Demand or Timer? Backwashing water softeners should virtually always use "Demand" or "Metered" control valves. And backwashing filter tanks, such as carbon for city water, or iron filters for well water. Should virtually always have "Day Timer" control valves, so you can tell them what days to cycle. And if you have a backwashing well water filter (Not a softener) that has a Metered Or Demand control valve, it is likely not applied correctly. 

Compare Water Softener Companies. Just give one of our techs a call and they can determine if it is a proper application. Demand regeneration (the way the unit cleans or replenishes itself) is when the unit regenerates depending on how many gallons you use.

Day Timer Controls-Compare water softener companies

A day timer is when you have a unit that regenerates at a specified time (or times) each week. But they are normally FAR LESS efficient than Demand or Metered units, such as water softeners and water conditioners, that soften your water.

Demand or "Metered"

Demand (Metered) controllers are when you have a unit that cycles depending on how many gallons of water have been treated or softened. So be wary of companies who offer Day Timers on water softeners for everyday family use. And the Demand or "Metered" softener or conditioner valves are far more efficient than the day timer model water softener systems.

The demand unit is certainly more efficient. But it also a bit more expensive to buy initially. But if you have 2 or more people in the household, you should certainly use the demand unit in most cases. And some companies go out of their way to "hype" computer units. They are usually simply "Demand" or "Metered" controllers. Virtually all digital valves are computerized. But those companies charge a fortune to replace their computerized valves. And our digital control valves are very inexpensive to replace. And they have a factory warranty that is two years longer than most others.

The choice is simple. Demand or Timer? Salt usage for the average family of four, with our average softener, on the average water (7-10 grains) tells us they add salt about every 10-12 months. And some families use less. But some families use more. It depends entirely on your family's water usage and the quality of your water.

COMMON DON'TS-Compare water softener companies

Do not buy day timer softeners for normal residential water softening. Because they are not as efficient as metered controls.

And don't buy "Demand" or "Metered" units for non-softener applications. Such as backwashing carbon filters, iron filters and acid neutralizers (pH increasers).

Do not buy non-electric softeners and well water backwashing filters. Especially the non-electric twin tank types. They can recycle any time of day. And you normally do not want to be in the shower when these units are using most of the water pressure to backwash. So even if the salesperson says you can shower with one tank while the other is cleaning itself on the non-electric twins. He has not told you that they might backwash at any time. Compare water softener companies.

Electronic units are smart enough to backwash at a time in the middle of the night, when no one is showering. And it is far better to have a single tank electric, than a twin tank non-electric. And a twin Tank electric is a good way to go if you want a twin alternating softener. Or if you just want it to look bigger than your neighbor's.

To save up to 80% or more over RainSoft® and Culligan® Click here please:

Replacement filters and products for other brands

We do actually carry some national brand name components from other companies. And we have aftermarket RO replacement filters such as the AC 30 Thin Film Membrane and the RS-23-SED 5 Filter. So if you were smart enough to buy your old water treatment equipment to "Industry Standards". And not from "Proprietary" companies who lock you into only buying from them. Then we can likely replace parts filters and supplies for those as well.


Please see Iron Filters, Chemical Feed, Chlorine Injection, Complete Well Water Treatment Systems, Complete City Water Treatment Systems, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Purifiers or Water Softeners. And click on the products you are interested in. Also our HOME link above will take you to all of our products and price lists. Compare Water Softener Companies.

And you can always call us. We will even pay for the call. Our equipment provides the same, or better, quality of water as those extremely high priced in-home water treatment companies offer. And at a mere fraction of what they charge you. But without the telemarketers and high pressure "in home salespeople" that those other "over priced" companies might employ. So they do everything they can to keep you from shopping around and finding us!

Don't Buy Impulsively-Compare water softener companies

You should NEVER buy from ANYONE on a first visit basis. And if you purchased from a company like that recently, you should have three business days (by federal law) to cancel your order from in-home sales companies. And this is true even if they have already installed it! Some states have a four day state law (Sundays and holidays don't count as business days). Always consult your attorney. We don't give legal advice.

Compare Water Softener Companies. And save hundreds, even thousands of dollars! Replace Culligan®, Ionics®, Kinetico® Brand, RainSoft®, water systems, Hague®, Water Resources (Rayne®), EcoWater® etc. Available nationwide.

HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE? Compare water softener companies

If you have a bad experience after you have encountered these types of companies. Or if you are wary of them in any way. Please feel free to give us a call for a discussion of your situation. And in some cases we can put you in touch with the manufacturer's phone numbers and addresses. So you can contact them directly.

Many times it is not the "brand" that is at fault. But it is the individual dealer. So you can make a difference by letting others know. And you may be able to help someone else avoid these types of issues.


CALL TOLL FREE:  800-684-0979


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