Magnet Water Softener Systems

Magnet water softener systems don't work. You may see a number of advertisements for "magnetic water softeners" or maintenance free water softeners. They just plain don't work as implied by most of these sites. Some refer to ANCIENT government articles that no longer apply. They rarely seem to put the date it was written on the site. And it is not for residential applications. Don't fall for gimmicks and "slick willy" miracle promises. Magnets just plain don't work well! Certainly not as well as even the cheapest and most low quality conventional water softeners! We haven't seen one yet that makes any noticeable difference at all. They pass no tests at all. Some sites go so far as to say that magnets have been used in government and military applications for many years. What they failed to mention is is that those magnets "were" used entirely to keep scale buildup from the incoming pipes. That is pretty much all that they do. And they are not residential houses. Mostly they are cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment and heating surface applications.
Ancient Technology and False Claims
And they were designed meany years ago for a time when there were no alternatives. Mainly in wartime on ships without accommodations for conventional methods from what we have seen. They had to "make do" with what they had. That is not the case in residential applications in the United States today. If you have any current and pertinent information or proof to the contrary we strongly encourage you to share that with us. magnet water softeners don't work
Magnets fail all legitimate testing
Every single test we have done behind magnets shows virtually no change in the hardness content or in the total dissolved solids levels. Some customers say that they notice a slight difference in the water, but that everything else seems the same. The skin is still dry and the suds just do not lather like they would with a real water softener that actually softens the water. Out of all the customers who have contacted us about these units, we have never seen a single magnet water softener system that claims to have gotten the water to 0 hardness. Period! We have never seen one that has even cut it in half. They just plain don't work well. Don't be fooled by gimmicks and slick wording. ALL of our water softeners are capable of 0 hardness in most residential applications! They reduce the amount of energy it takes to heat the water as well, resulting in lower heating bills. Magnets don't. We feel that the reason for some minor change in the water pipes could be that there is an ionic response in the pipes immediately after the magnets regarding the calcium's (or mineral hardness) ability to stick to the pipe. However, anytime the pipe "tees" off or splits, the effect, if any, seems diminished. It seems that most of the calcium, or mineral hardness that doesn't stick to the pipe initially is usually caught in the nearest reservoir such as a hot water heater or the toilets.
Many magnets would be needed for a single home
Some magnet water softener system makers reinforce this theory by admitting you need many different magnets throughout the dwelling. Namely: after the hot water heaters and other appliances. Most of these companies don't seem to tell you that. What NONE of them seem tell you is that you will NEVER get to "zero hardness" as you will with just about any "real" water softener. If you do see any that claim to give you zero hardness we would greatly appreciate you letting us know who they are and where they are. Just like we would like to hear your comments if you have used these products and are in no way associated with one of these companies. The additional hardness and minerals that collect in the hot water heater actually can increase the amount of solids in the hot water heater, plus causing the water to be far more difficult to heat. It's like actually heating through a brick before you heat the water. It can make your energy costs significantly higher.
Magnet Complaints Abound
We get the most complaints on these magnets from people with city water. They say they don't work well at all. Well water users say they sometimes notice a slight difference but always seem to admit that it might be because they want it to work so desperately. If magnets truly worked we would offer them on this site. Think about it. Keep in mind we are just saying what ordinary people have told us. Please feel free to contact these companies and ask them yourself. TOP 10 Complaints on Magnets, Alloys, Electronic gizmos, GMX, Nano Technology, Beotron, SWC and other gimmicks: (1) They never work when iron is present. (2) Low pH water seems to retard any benefits. (3) Virtually no difference on city water. (4) No difference on chlorinated water of any type. (5) Skin is very itchy with the magnets on the water line especially with water that has chlorine, chloramines or chemicals. (6) Energy bills do not decrease the way they do with conventional water softening methods. Hardness makes the water heavier and harder to heat. (7) Inaccurate information on the site that sold it to me. (8) Won't give me my money back unless I take them to court. (9) Didn't work in water with sediment. (10) Doesn't work on water that contains sulfur, iron or manganese.
Magnets and Miracle Brands
Others that don't seem to work well: GMX Clearwater Clearwave Magnapak Never scale Magnawrap
We were recently threatened by a company that sells magnets. They are trying to "bully" us into taking this page down. Of course their attorney does not return our calls and they REFUSE to let us test their equipment. Our position is simply this: If you have a magnet that makes the water soft you are welcome to prove it by sending us one. We will take it to a reputable independent testing agency such as Microbac Laboratories and have them test it. If it truly does make the water soft we will be happy to retract some of our statements here. WE have never seen a magnet that works. We have tested a number of them. Short of giving us the ability to have it independently tested we have no way to know if it works. It is every American's free speech right to state their opinion. Our opinion is, and will be until PROVEN otherwise, that we have never seen a magnet that truly softens water. Anything short of letting us test their equipment makes their complaints frivolous in our opinion. Magnets/ Maintenance free units just plain don't work in our opinion when compared to real water softeners! If you just have to try them we would recommend one of the really cheap ones! We know you were alive yesterday, we just hope you weren't born yesterday. More information: Compare Articles/FAQ's

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