Arsenic Water Filter

Arsenic water filter options for both well water and public water supply arsenic removal. Not sure what you need? Just give us a quick call. US and Canada residents call 800-684-0979. The call is free and our phones are answered 24/7 by real HUMANS.


Arsenic has been classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a human carcinogen. So long term exposure to arsenic has been linked to cardiovascular disease, immune disorders and diabetes. As well as cancer and other medical issues. These products will remove arsenic and reduce arsenic in drinking water.

ALL TYPES of Arsenic Removing Filters

First of all, there are a number of solutions described below that cover everything from POU drinking water filters, to the Ultimate Arsenox™ POE water treatment system. And we developed Arsenox™ to be the most complete arsenic removal system available.  So call one of our friendly techs today to decide if the superior protection of Arsenox™ is right for your family. And in addition to the highly superior Arsenox™ backwashing tanks for whole house Arsenic removal. We also have a number of different options to choose from. You can remove arsenic from drinking water only (POU). Also, you can remove Arsenic from the whole house or building (POE).

Arsenic Filter Cartridge

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arsenic filter cartridge image

This inexpensive 10 inch arsenic filter cartridge can be used by itself to filter arsenic from drinking water. It is the industry standard size of 10" x 2.75". And we also have most other standard sizes. It also fits most industry standard sized reverse osmosis systems (RO). And you can use it to turn a normal RO drinking water system into an arsenic selective RO system. Just replace one of the existing cartridges with this one. Or add one of these filters in its own canister to the water line going to the existing RO faucet. And we have included a complete filter with canister as another option below.

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Most RO systems cannot remove ALL of the arsenic from the water. But this arsenic filter can! And when we add an arsenic water filter to the reverse osmosis unit. Not only do you remove the arsenic. But you also remove virtually everything else in the water that might be harmful. Be very wary of anyone who would sell you a reverse osmosis unit without an arsenic specific cartridge. And tell you that it will remove all of the arsenic without an arsenic selective cartridge filter.

Arsenic Filter Complete


Arsenic Selective Resin Filter Cartridges

This inexpensive arsenic filter cartridge can be used by itself to remove arsenic from drinking water. And it is the industry standard size of 10" x 2.75". We also have most other standard sizes. So just call and speak with a friendly water tech for assistance with the many choices. We can make you anything you want. We have larger canisters for whole house arsenic removal. And we have large tanks that backwash for whole house arsenic systems as well.

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GOOD (POU Point of use )

Reverse Osmosis System Arsenic Removal

To Reduce or Remove Arsenic from household drinking water using a reverse osmosis filtering system specifically designed for heavy arsenic removal. WARNING: Be very wary of companies who use standard reverse osmosis systems to "Reduce" arsenic. Because those standard RO systems are not usually very effective for arsenic. So it must be an ARSENIC SELECTIVE reverse osmosis unit to do the best job of removing virtually ALL of the arsenic from your drinking water.

reverse osmosis filter with arsenic selective cartridge image

These units will remove arsenic, fluoride and lead. As well as heavy metals, cysts, cryptosporidium and bacteria. And it also removes bad tastes, odors, THM'S, chlorine, radium and much more!

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Arsenic Filter Tanks

Remove arsenic from the whole house.

Arsenic backwashing tank images

Activated carbon filtration with "Arsenic Boost".  It will reduce  arsenic levels in water. Also, a bigger unit removes more Arsenic for higher use households. And a lot of people are shocked at how much arsenic the bigger filters can actually remove. And they are available in many different sizes. So remember that this is not just a carbon tank. It is a carbon tank with special "Arsenic Boost" technology.

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The VERY BEST arsenic filter:

Arsenox™ Complete Removal System

Compare to arsenic water filters costing three times as much! And our filters are American Made PREMIUM quality filters. And this Arsenic Water Conditioner is our most popular whole house Arsenic Removal Water Filter.

Arsenox Tank image

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Also please note that while these filters can last for 15 to 30 years. How long it actually lasts depends on how much water your family uses. And how much arsenic is actually in your water. Also it is a good idea to simply buy an arsenic test kit from us. So that you can periodically test the amount of arsenic is in the water. The filter normally removes virtually ALL of the arsenic when properly applied. The minerals are also replaceable.


It is usually best to call and speak with a friendly water tech. And they can tell you what arsenic removal filter you need. So if you have questions. Just give us a quick call for no hassle help.

Questions? Call 800-684-0979 for assistance.


Also, you can read items 7, 16 and 17 on this page: FAQs. And that is what any person with a private well needs to know. If you have city water, this is still the best filter. But those instructions listed under 7, 16 and 17 would not apply. And if you are not sure what to do. Just give us a quick call.

Arsenic Test Kits

You can detect arsenic with these test kits. So for proper arsenic removal from your water. It is helpful to know how much arsenic you actually have. And these residential test kits are easy to use. And made for DIY homeowner self testing. Also this pro test kit is a five step test kit. And it offers superior accuracy in knowing if arsenic is present. And at what level.

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