Large Water Softener Timer Model

Our Large Water Softener with a day timer comes complete with Easy Install Packet. And provides soft, luxurious water of the same or better quality of water softeners costing up to 10 times as much! Of course we have NO salespeople, telemarketers, or dealers to pay. So you can cut out the middlemen and buy direct from the manufacturer to your door. Save hundreds, possibly even thousands of dollars.

Custom Made in the USA

Each unit is custom made to order right here in the good old USA! If you looking for the lowest price, these timer models are the least expensive. And if you are looking for the most efficient large water softener, that uses less water and salt, maybe you should check out the "Demand" (Metered) water softeners on this page: Large Demand Water Softeners.

City Water or Private well?

If you are on a private well, especially if you want a large water softener. You should check a few things around the house BEFORE you buy any softener from anyone. And private well owners should read items 7, 16 and 17 on this page: FAQs for Well Water Softeners and Well Water Filters
Public Water Supply?
Are you on a municipal water supply of some kind (city water)? If so, you just need to be sure you have good water pressure when buying a large timer water softener. Not sure what to do? Call our toll free number and ask for a friendly water tech to help you. That Toll Free number is 1-800-684-0979. large water softener timer calendar clock
2 CFT (60K)7167$699Buy Now
2.5 CFT (75K)7173$749Buy Now
3.5 CFT (105K)7178$949Buy Now
Hi Flow Rate Units
2 CFT (60K)7166$729Buy Now
2.5 CFT (75K)7172$849Buy Now
3.5 CFT (105K)7177$1079Buy Now
Please Note: Even larger units than those listed are available. Just give us a call. All large timer water softener systems sold upon approval only. Prices and shipping subject to change. Also, Water Filters of America™ is not responsible for water changes or misapplications.