Cabinet Water Softener Systems

Cabinet water softener systems that have all of the components in one container or "cabinet" are generally called "Cabinet Water Softeners". Most cabinet style softeners like the ones you see in discount stores and sold by in-home sales companies have a specific problem, or design flaw. They put the electronic components in the same tank where they have salt and water. That is not a good idea because salt and water are very corrosive to electronics. That is why many cabinet style units fail after a fairly short period of time, creating a service call for the local softener company to charge you. However, our premium cabinet style softener puts the electronic brain and all electronic parts of our unit inside an external component or "POD" which keeps the salt and water completely away from any electrical parts or controls. Our complete home water softener in a cabinet should give you 25 to 35 years of virtually maintenance free operation. And our lifetime support warranty means you should never have to pay for an expensive service call. And it looks really nice.
The Benefits of Having a Cabinet Style Soft Water System
Cabinet Water Softener
  Our cabinet style soft water system takes up less room than conventional water softeners that have two tanks. So if you have a space problem and need the water softener to take up as little space as possible, this is the one for you. If you do not have any sort of space issue, you may want to buy one of our water softeners with a separate salt tank. You don't have to fill them so often. You can find those separate salt tank type soft water systems HERE. Another good thing about a Water Filters of America cabinet softener is the large opening the unit has to add salt. Most cabinet softeners are really hard to pour salt into. Our cabinet softeners usually only use approx. 6 bags of salt per year when properly applied. They are the most efficient cabinet softener on the market today. They also feature the only "Frictionless" water softener controller on the market. This high tech controller is so dependable because there are no moving parts, pistons or o-rings inside the part that channels the water and tells the water where to go. Pistons and o-rings are the number one problem source for water softeners. Pistons and o-rings are how in-home sales companies make much of their ongoing income. Fixing them.
Custom Made from Scratch
All of our cabinet water softeners are made from scratch for each order at no extra charge. They are made for exactly the type of water you have. We can build them and have them shipped on the same day usually. Most people have them on their doorstep in two days. Unlike "One size fits all" water softeners or water conditioners that have been sitting in a warehouse growing more and more out of date and collecting dust our units are built with state of the art components from industry leading American companies. Also, our units have not been bounced all over the country in trucks to different warehouses and distribution centers. They come directly to you. Another benefit of our Cabinet Style Home Water Softening System is that not only does it provide the same or better soft, smooth and silky water as in-home water softener units priced in the thousand of dollars, but in southern climates you can locate them outdoors in situations where there in no room in the home or garage. Please don't hesitate to give one of our expert techs a quick call to help you determine what size you need and answer any questions you may have. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts will give you the right answer, not a slick sales pitch. In fact, none of our techs work on sales commission and are NOT allowed to ask you to buy anything, ever. They just answer your questions and give you great advice. The advice is free and so is the phone call. Don't delay:
CALL TODAY 1-800-684-0979. Phones answered 24/7 by humans.
Please note that timer water softeners are not as efficient as demand water softeners. To see the highly efficient demand water softener cabinet systems, please click here: Demand Model Water Softeners Comes complete with Easy Install Packet. Provides soft, luxurious water of the same or better quality of cabinet model water softeners costing up to 10 times as much! Of course we have NO salespeople, telemarketers, or dealers to pay. We have cut out the middlemen. Save hundreds of dollars! Water treatment systems, water softeners, water conditioners and water filters at BARGAIN prices. Buy Now online NATIONWIDE! Delivered to your door. Larger Sized Water Softeners available by phone. Just give us a call. We will even pay for the call! We also have On Demand Cabinet Softeners. All units sold upon approval only. Prices and shipping subject to change. Water Filters of America™ not responsible for source water changes or misapplications.