Potassium Water Softener System

Potassium water softener system is something all of our water softeners are capable of. And Potassium Chloride is commonly used as a water softener sodium salt substitute. While potassium is a good remedy for environmental issues, such as watering plants or not sending sodium salt to treatment plants; a lot of in home salesmen tout it as making their softeners salt free. That is not true. Potassium chloride is a salt!

Drinking potassium from a water softener

Also beware the salesman that tells you it is ok to drink potassium in your water. While many people believe it is better than sodium in your water there are some drawbacks.potassium water softener system. Drinking soft water.

For example, on really hard water in excess of 500 PPM the potassium levels would make the water beyond the EPA maximum contaminant level of 500 for TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). ANY TDS over 500 is not good in our opinion. Also some people in the medical field tell us that high levels of potassium may not be good for certain people on particular medications such as hyperactivity medications and some heart medications; and people that already have elevated levels of potassium in their bodies.

Talk to your doctor before adding high amounts of anything to your drinking water. We believe that you should start with clean water and add what YOU want to it; such as coffee, teas, juices and Kool-Aid. By simply adding reverse osmosis to your kitchen for drinking and cooking water it becomes a non-issue.

Don't drink softened water

Whether you use sodium salt or potassium salt we highly recommend you use either bottled water or reverse osmosis ($199.87) for cooking and drinking. Some people believe that reverse osmosis takes out necessary minerals from the water. If you are one of those people, we have a mineral cartridge that you can add to the reverse osmosis unit for under $30 that will replace minerals and make the water have a higher level of alkalinity. Remember that in home salesmen work on commission, though many swear that they don't. If they don't sell you tonight they may be raising skinny kids…

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Potassium Water Softener System