Water Softener Digital

Fleck water softener digital display. Beautiful unit with smart digital "set it and forget it" meter controls. And the Fleck 7000 features include a series of optional high-flow accessories. Also it has standard flow rates of 27.7 GPM with maximum backwash rate of 7.4 GPM. And with a high flow piston a flow rate of 35.8 GPM with maximum backwash rate of 15.8 GPM. And this unit offers the highest service and backwash flows available for residential and light commercial use. Compare to other over-priced units costing thousands of dollars. An amazing value! Replaces Culligan®, EcoWater®, Ionics®, Hague®, Water Resources, RainSoft®, Kinetico®, Sears®, General Ionics, Novatec, and many others.

Fleck water softener digital control valve


Standard Features:

Water softener digital control valve. High capacity resin, salt tank and NSF Certified 1 cubic foot water softener tank (30K).


15K Gr. Cap.7118FP$579Buy Now
30K Gr. Cap.7138FP$629Buy Now
40K Gr. Cap.7148FP$708Buy Now

Brine Tank Size 18"x33"

Premium "On Demand" Digital Water Softener

Two years more warranty on our most popular upgrade from the Fleck controller to our superior custom made to order water softener.

on demand water softener unit
15K Gr. Cap.7118P$579Buy Now
30K Gr. Cap.7138P$629Buy Now
40K Gr. Cap.7148P$708Buy Now
50K Gr. Cap.7158P$738Buy Now
60K Gr. Cap.7168P$829Buy Now

Brine Tank Size 18"x33"

Larger Units Order by Phone ONLY please.

See what size is right to ensure proper sizing.

Other available Premium units including our Premium Dual Purpose and Premium Twin Master.

We also offer these systems:

Complete Systems for City Water

These systems are complete packages that provide soft, conditioned, chemical free water. And pure drinking water as well.

Complete Systems for Well Water

These systems include different combinations of Water Softeners, Acid Neutralizers, Chemical Feed Pumps, Iron Filters. And Reverse Osmosis for pure clean water!

Please Note: You should never drink the water from ANY water softener. And you should be very wary of anyone who says it is ok to drink the water from ANY salt using appliance.

Reverse Osmosis Systems for purified drinking water.

These can easily be installed in the kitchen to provide clean pure cooking and drinking water for your family.