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Purchasing anything advertised on our website means you agree to abide by our terms of service.


We at   WaterFiltersOfAmerica.com   strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If the equipment fails to function properly we will refund 100% of the cost of the equipment for up to 30 days from the date of purchase, as long as you have followed our installation instructions properly. And you send the equipment back in the condition it was in when sent to you. All that we ask in return is that you give us a reasonable opportunity to repair or replace the equipment first. Should we fail to properly repair the equipment, or fail to replace any faulty equipment with properly working and functioning equipment, you are entitled to a full refund of the price you paid for the equipment. Customer is responsible for all return shipping cost with no exceptions. We do not guarantee any installation applications or installation issues. If you hire a plumber, handyman or anyone else, we are in no way responsible for the cost of their installation or other issues. We do not reimburse any costs of repairs made by someone you have hired to make repairs. Our expert support staff is US Based and should be able to guide any handy DIY homeowner through virtually any support process. We will be happy to inspect any product for repair or replacement that a customer wishes to send to us. In order to send filters or equipment for inspection, repair or replacement, simply contact the tech support hotline at 412-828-6003 and request a return RMA number. We only accept deliveries with a valid RMA on the OUTSIDE of the packaging. 

NOTE: We DO NOT offer support for people with equipment not purchased here. We offer support for our equipment and our applications only. If you have other equipment from other suppliers, we can't support that properly. For example: if you have someone else's equipment or filters installed before our equipment or filters, there is  no way we can effectively support that application. All equipment brands are definitely not the same. If you replace that other branded equipment with our equipment, we can obviously support that. If we feel other brands of equipment are affecting the performance of our equipment, you must either add the proper equipment we have advised, or we can't support it. Mixing and matching different types and brands is rarely a good idea. Virtually all of the equipment we sell is custom made for the application. Over 98% of all the applications we see across the country are misapplied in our opinion. Some people sell equipment with the sole purpose of creating ongoing service calls. Especially proprietary type brands.

Some people modify equipment or filters in unusual ways. Often to save money. We certainly understand that everyone wants to save money. But it may interfere with the success of the application. 

We are not responsible for equipment that is improperly sized or applied. Always check with one of our experts before installing if there is anything at all you don't understand. We do not offer the 30 day money back guarantees on items where someone has simply decided they no longer want that item.  We do not cover any return shipping costs. Any such items returned must not have been opened. If they have been opened, or the packaging is damaged, we will assess a fee for returning that item to original condition, including packaging, entirely at our discretion.

Equipment Inspection TOS

Every piece of equipment is inspected at our shipping dock door. UPS carries one of the best delivery guarantees in the industry. If they break it; they replace it. We mirror that guarantee. If it is not right WE or UPS will make it right. This 100% guarantee is in addition to the "blanket" 10 year Manufacturer's parts warranty on all water softener and well water filter tanks we carry, and also includes a 7 year parts warranty on virtually all full house unit electronic control valves, including all water softeners and backwashing filters, such as Terminox® Iron Filters.

Our 1 year warranty on chemical feed pumps, flow switches and all drinking water units (not including replacement filters of course) is limited to repair or replacement. And our assurance that your happiness is what we strive for! SPECIAL ORDERS: We don't offer returns on special orders and special alterations. This would include things such as special order drain holes in the bottoms of backwashing tanks or softeners. Once they are altered we can't give refunds as our component manufacturers will not take them back. But we would still repair or replace any defective special order items . Your satisfaction is what we strive for.


All guarantees are subject to a customer following the expert professional advice of Water Filters of America™. Purchasing equipment on the conflicting advice of a third party or anyone other than a Water Filters of America™® expert technician, voids all warranties and guarantees. All products are sold "as is" in those situations where our advice is not followed in its entirety. Returns or refunds are at the sole discretion of Water Filters of America™. No refunds will be made on equipment after 10 days from the date of purchase that has had water run through the device.

Orders placed online without speaking to one of our representatives are subject to the order being held until we are able to obtain the necessary information to ensure that your application is correct. 

Due to the variable nature of commercial applications, no commercial application or equipment falls under the money back guarantee guidelines unless guaranteed in writing by a Water Filters of America™ expert technician PRIOR to the purchase. All manufacturer's warranties remain in place at all times, and fall under manufacturer's specific warranties and guidelines. No refund is made on any application where we determine the customer has damaged the equipment either directly or indirectly.

Lifetime Guarantee

TOS: We also offer lifetime support privileges to our customers for the lifetime of the equipment purchased while in the possession of the original purchaser, for as long as we remain in business. That is why our customers virtually never need a service call! This support is available 7 days a week (Including Sundays and holidays). The only day we are normally unavailable for support is Christmas day. If you are a customer and you ever call and can't speak with a technician, the operator will give you a tech's direct cell phone number to call! Please keep in mind when dealing with our industry leading technicians that it is helpful if you are reasonable and cooperative. Abusive or uncooperative behavior to our techs may result in limited tech support privileges. If you have a bad experience with our tech support division please direct you feedback to:



Water Testing

We offer free basic water testing.  You are responsible for your water quality and accurate testing. We are in no way responsible for improper applications. specially if you have provided no water quality information at time of purchase. If we get correct information from you, the equipment is guaranteed to function properly, or we will replace or repair it at no cost. If you have no water tests at all, any guarantee is void. Remember, we can do the basics for free. We do not warranty or guarantee any colloidal clay or silica applications.

pH Disclaimer

WE DO NOT guarantee any sort of pH issues. We are certainly skilled at correcting pH, but pH can be finicky beyond reason. Though somewhat rare as a rule, in some cases a chemical feeder can't raise pH as expected. Particularly on pH ranges below 6.5. That is not the customer's fault. It is not our fault. Some wells are hard to get the pH up. There is no real rhyme or reason to it. We usually try that first as it is less expensive, and can also be used for some disinfection purposes as well. Always remember that if you have pH issues of ANY type. You must wait until the pH is corrected before you connect ANY additional equipment.

Neutralizer Tanks

We also sell backwashing acid neutralizer tanks. While they are a great tool in handling pH issues. We can't guarantee them to get to a specific pH either. Sometimes you have to put a second acid neutralizer tank with a different mineral to get the pH higher. And while it is quite rare, some wells just can't get to the pH needed for some filters to operate correctly. Our warranties are limited to repair or replacement only, on all pH feeders and backwashing acid neutralizer tanks. We can only guarantee them to function correctly mechanically.

Water Filters of America™ strives to be one of the Premier Water Treatment Equipment Companies on the Internet, and in the world because we have high quality equipment at low prices. We are members in good standing with the Water Quality Association® and make all equipment and applications to "Industry Standards". We have highly trained experts and have access to our component manufacturer's technicians and other industry technicians including The Water Quality Association®, General Electric Osmonics® and Autotrol™, The Fleck Corporation® and many other leading component makers in the country and the world. And mostly because we love our customers and they know it. The support and cooperation of our customers is why it works. In order to save hundreds, and often THOUSANDS of dollars for our customers, they must be reasonable, cooperative and realistic. We keep our customers happy. Period!


We DO NOT pay for shipping on returns. Any refunds will be for the equipment only, any shipping costs will be excluded from refund. If you return an item that was bought with free shipping, you will pay the shipping costs both ways. These items must be unopened, unused and undamaged. If repairs to the item are needed. Or if the packaging is damaged, there may be a charge for returning that item and packaging to its original condition. No refunds are given on any items where we are notified after 15 days from the time of purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: Chemical Feeders and flow switches are fully guaranteed. Guarantee is limited to REPAIR or REPLACEMENT only.

Irrigation Systems

We strongly recommend that you add a pressure tank to an irrigation system for proper operation. Although we have many irrigation systems that work well without pressure tanks, we do not guarantee the operation or outcome on systems that do not have a pressure tank.


Selective contaminant removal type filters, such as arsenic, tannin, nitrates etc., are limited to repair or replacement warranties, due to the sterile nature of such filters. Once they leave our facility we can't take them back and re-sell them. If they are damaged during shipment, please simply refuse delivery and we will send out a replacement. This is also the policy for ALL reverse osmosis systems (RO Filters). They are fully guaranteed and limited to repair or replacement only.

Valve Exchanges

If for some reason you need to exchange a control valve, we require a $200 deposit when we send the new valve.  Once the old valve is returned to us, your deposit will be refunded.


Due to the fact that in our experience tenants are not as diligent in properly maintaining equipment, as a homeowner would be. We state here in our terms of service agreement that we cannot guarantee or under any circumstance give a refund for any equipment applied to a rental home (even if the rental home has been purchased by the renter). This includes business and commercial purchases.

Please note: Some assembly is required on most purchases. We normally send a confirmation of your order within 24 hours on normal business days. Usually there will also be an e-mail sent the day after the order is shipped with a tracking number to let you know exactly when your order will arrive.

Installation Websites

Also in that e-mail you will find a link to our private installation website. You should contact our tech support staff before beginning installation for instructions, if you do not receive an e-mail to our private installation website. The instructions given will be quite simple but very necessary. We do not accept returns on business orders or on ANY whole house reverse osmosis systems.

Manufacturer's Warranties 

All warranties will be limited to the manufacturers component warranties on these items. Any authorized return or replacement parts must have a RETURN NUMBER that will be provided by the factory. Items returned without this return number will not be accepted. While we try our best to help you find a local plumber if needed, Water Filters of America™ is not responsible in ANY way for installation. Terms of service agreement is inclusive of manufacturer's warranty agreements.

Please keep in mind that our support technicians reserve the right to refuse tech support privileges to uncooperative or abusive individuals. Though it is a rare occurrence please report any bad experiences with our tech support division to:


We want to hear your feedback. We really will listen! We LOVE our customers here at Water Filters of America™ International, INC.

Exclusive Jurisdiction

The parties agree that any dispute, controversy or claim arising under or in connection with this agreement or its performance by either party shall be decided exclusively by and in the state or federal courts sitting in the County of PASCO, FLORIDA. For such purpose, each party hereby submits to the personal jurisdiction of the state and federal courts sitting in the State of Florida, and agrees that service of process may be completed and shall be effective and binding upon the party served if mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid and properly addressed to the party as set forth elsewhere in this terms of service agreement.

Each party waives any objection to the personal jurisdiction of such courts and agrees that it shall be barred from asserting any such objection, as long as any process is served in accordance with the foregoing. In the event that a party refuses to accept delivery of such process, then process may be served upon the Secretary of the State of Florida in the same fashion, whereupon such service shall be deemed to have been made upon the refusing party as fully as if process had been accepted.

Each party hereby agrees to and does hereby waive any right to assert or move for transfer of venue to any court outside the State of Florida, based upon the doctrine of forum non conveners or otherwise. Each party further acknowledges and agrees that this paragraph has been negotiated at arms' length with the assistance of counsel and the legal effect fully explained, and that it is a knowing and voluntary agreement.

Trademarks and Copyrights

Water Filters of America™, waterfiltersofamerica.com® and Terminox® are all Registered Trademarks of Water Filters of America™. No use of these trademarks are permitted in ANY fashion without WRITTEN permission from the Legal department of Water Filters of America™. All unauthorized uses will be charged at a minimum, but not limited to, of $10,000 US Currency for EACH use.

Please note: Purchasing anything on our website means you agree to abide by our terms of service.
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