Salt Free Water Systems

Salt free water systems come in all types and sizes. All of our water softeners and water filters are capable of being sodium free. Water Softeners/Conditioners are sodium free by simply using potassium chloride (potassium), readily available at many hardware stores and feed and grain stores, instead of sodium chloride (salt). Potassium chloride is a salt, but a lot of water dealers call them "salt free systems" which is not truly accurate. This page is a play on those words.


Be wary of sales organizations who tell you of miracle softening systems. If it does not use sodium salt. Or doesn't use potassium salt (potassium chloride). It WILL NOT get your water soft. That is a scientific fact. The best way to protect yourself is the answer to the following question. Once I run the water through this unit. Can I test for hardness and see that the water is soft on a hardness test? If the answer to that simple question is no. It is not a softener. Period. That is a scientific fact.

Also, be wary of the sales people selling these products who claim that they stop scaling, and the disadvantages that hard water causes. They know that if they convince you. You will buy it. And you likely won't return it. Even if they would let you. Don't be fooled by pseudo science. There are some interesting facts about such quackery here: Water Pseudoscience false claims. If such salt free silliness actually worked. We would sell it! We sell everything (That actually works).

REAL Salt Free Products

We do have salt free, chemical free filters to remove iron, sulfur, manganese and many other impurities found in well water. We have found that if you do not have extremely hard water. Once you have remove the other impurities. Softening the water is often optional. To read more about our maintenance free Terminox™ ISM filter please visit this page:

Salt Free Water Systems


If you do have extremely hard water and it needs to be softened. We recommend a traditional softener that uses either sodium chloride (common sodium salt). Or potassium chloride (A water softener salt substitute). And then a reverse osmosis drinking water system to give you pure great tasting cooking and drinking water. Or drink bottled water. In our opinion the magnets, electronic and nano technologies being offered as a salt free alternative. Simply are not effective at providing you with all the benefits that a water softener system provides. To view our water softeners please visit this page WATER SOFTENERS and for our reverse osmosis drinking water system visit this page REVERSE OSMOSIS DRINKING FILTERS

reverse osmosis


As always if you have questions about salt free water softeners. Or any other questions about your water filtration needs. Do not hesitate to contact one of our expert techs for great advice by phone, email or live chat and keep in mind they will never ask you to buy anything or pressure you in any way. They will just give you great advice.

Water Softeners/Conditioners


If you have any more questions about our salt free water systems, please email us or call us at the number below. We thank you for visiting Water Filters of America™.