Sulfur Filters for well water that also remove iron and manganese. Get rid of that rotten egg smell forever. While we have all sorts of sulfur removal filters, Terminox® is the very best. Terminox removes, sulfur, iron, manganese, dirt, turbidity, rust and even harsh chemicals such as chlorine. With no chemicals, salt, maintenance, when properly applied.


Sulfur filters sizing: Sulfur smells in your well water? Rotten egg smell? Smelly water can be caused by having sulfur in water wells. Below are the most common ways to size sulfur filters or remove sulfur smells from your private well water at your home or business. These filters also remove manganese. Manganese can make the water smell on the HOT water side. Some people think that manganese smell is sulfur.

 Terminox well water filter for iron sulfur and manganese

How do I figure out what type of sulfur filter I need for my home well water? 

To properly decide what should be done before selecting sulfur filters or ANY type of well water filter please read:

Proper System Sizing (Click on this link)

For odors in CITY WATER or any Chlorinated Water Supplies, please go to this page:

Taste and Odor Water Filters.


SULFUR WATER ONLY FILTRATION: Injecting chlorine directly into the water line (no retention) to rid yourself of that rotten egg smell (aka sulfur smell):

For example, if all you want to do is get rid of that awful rotten egg smell. As a result these chlorine feeder type sulfur filters seem to be a method that is growing in popularity for well water sulfur water treatment and filtration. But they don't really 'Clean" the water. As a result of adding this light chlorine mixture, they just neutralize the sulfur smell. Hence small amounts of Chlorine are injected directly into the well water line to kill sulfur in water smells. Therefor much less chlorine is used than with the other heavy chlorination methods. Above all, if all you want to do is kill the smelly sulfur smell (sometimes misspelled as sulfur smell or sulfur water smell), and you have no other issues such as iron or manganese in your water. Certainly, this is a popular solution.


For instance, you simply mix a small amount of chlorine (like ordinary household bleach) with water in a 16 gallon tank. As a result it is injected directly into the water line. Consequently, the bleach and the stinky sulfur cancel each other out so that you don't smell either one as. However, less is accomplished with the water than if you actually filter the water properly with conventional type sulfur filters that backwash and clean themselves. Also NOTE: This is NOT an effective method of treatment for iron, manganese or other issues where a backwashing filter is needed. Most importantly, if you have sulfur, iron, manganese etc, the most popular well water filter for removing everything are the sulfur filters called Terminox®.


Remove rotten egg smell from your home well water. If all you want to do is get rid of that awful sulfur smell. Maybe tis is the best solution. It does not actually filter the water. It just gets rid of that sulfur smell.

Chorine Feeder to remove sulfur and rotten egg smell


110 Volt4701$445Buy Now
220 Volt4702$445Buy Now
Tank 16 Gal.4713$100Buy Now

All Chemical Feeders Come Complete

Including hoses, fittings and injector.

Also, please note: You need a mixing tank ( Solution Tank) as well as the chemical feeder to have everything you need. And the pump comes with everything you need, including hoses, injector fitting etc. So we have made it easy for the DIY homeowner to install. But you can have any handy person, handyman or plumber help you as well.


Terminox well water filter for iron sulfur and manganese


All Purpose chemical free, salt free, maintenance free well water filter for the very best in sulfur removal. Removes iron and manganese too.


7" Lo Flow7076BT$599Buy Now
8" Md Flow7078BT$729Buy Now
9" Md Flow7081BT$839Buy Now
10" Hi Flow7082BT$899Buy Now
12" Hi Flow7083BT$1089Buy Now
13" Hi Flow7084BT$1395Buy Now


*Maintenance FREE:

So no salt, chemicals or air injection like the old style backwashing sulfur filters. And it's fully automatic. So you can just set it and forget it.

*Removes Virtually EVERYTHING: 

Removes sulfur, iron, manganese, dirt, turbidity, foul tastes and smells. In addition it even removes strong chemicals, such as chlorine. Above all, there is nothing to maintain or replace when properly applied.

*Hard Programmed:

So no need for old style back-up batteries. Therefor, you can unplug one of these units for 6 months and it stays programmed. And it is the very latest technology. Great for seasonal homes and cabins too. As a result, you can remove that rotten egg smell forever!


*Easy Install: 

Consequently, our optional "easy install" quick connect system means our new sulfur filters can be "plumbed" in minutes (Even seconds). So no special tools or plumbing skills needed for our sulfur filters normally. As a result, it is great for the Do-It-Yourself homeowner. Similarly, anyone who is handy at all can do it. In the same vein, we see many housewives and seniors do it.

*NSF Approved: 

So you know you are getting the very finest equipment that has been officially approved for drinking level quality water. Furthermore, we sell only the finest National Name Brand Components in the sulfur filters we make and manufacture. And we are not a middleman, or reseller or aftermarket brand. Above all, we make every rotten egg smell removal system we sell from scratch for exactly the kind of water you have.

*Wholesale Prices:

Certainly, you can compare these premium quality sulfur water filters to what other companies sell for thousands of dollars. And those sulfur filters are usually the old green sand filters. Maybe birm filters. Similarly  air injector filters. Likewise, we see mixed mineral bed slick willy filters etc. But we sell every kind of filter there is. Consequently we absolutely KNOW what the correct solution should be. Besides, no other sulfur filters marketed in the United States today are as versatile or is as maintenance free and powerful as our Terminox™ ISM sulfur filters... at ANY price. Period. Regardless of the sales pitches and the "dog and pony shows".

Compare Terminox Filters with Katalox Light

Compare Terminox filters with Katalox light and other air injection filters (AIO Filters). Terminox is far superior. Just click the link above to read why.


CALL TOLL FREE:  800-684-0979


Lawn Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems Too

*Irrigation/Sprinkler System 

In addition, our Terminox 12 inch models are now the most popular maintenance free sulfur filters and sulfur removal systems for residential and commercial water sprinkler and irrigation systems in the United States. Furthermore, most require no salt, chemicals or maintenance of any kind.

*Custom Made:

Most noteworthy, there is never an additional charge to have each of these sulfur filters custom-made for exactly the type of water you have. So just call and speak with the friendly tech at 800-684-0979. And our friendly water techs do not work on commission and they are not allowed to ask you to buy anything.  And they will never pressure you in anyway. They just answer all of your questions and give you great advice. So give us a call now.

Please note:

In addition, some assembly is required on most sulfur filters. And you should contact our tech support staff before purchasing anything from our website. And also please note: Low pH values are not appropriate for this and most other filters. Additionally, you should check your pH before applying these or any other well water filtration systems. As a result we can tell you if the pH is ok, to if you need to correct it. Above all DO NOT buy anything from anyone who does not require a proper pH number. As a result, that would be a huge mistake. Thank you.