Large Metered Water Softeners

Large Metered Water Softeners, also known as large demand water softeners. Come complete with tank, softener resin, salt tank, high tech controller and easy install Packets. Provides soft, luxurious water of the same or better quality of units costing up to 10 times as much! Of course we have NO salespeople, telemarketers, or dealers to pay. We have cut out the middlemen. Save hundreds of dollars! Water Treatment Systems, Water Filters and Water Conditioners at bargain prices. Custom made to order right here in the good old USA!


large metered water softeners

NOTE: If you are on a private well. Especially if you want a large metered water softener. You should check a few things around the house BEFORE you buy any water softener from anyone. Private well owners should read items 7, 16 and 17 on this page:

FAQs for Well Water Softeners and Well Water Filters

If you are on a municipal water supply of some kind (city water). You just need to be sure you have good water pressure when buying a large metered water softener. If you are not sure what to do. Just call our toll free number and ask for a friendly water tech to help you. 

Questions? Call 800-684-0979 for assistance.


Standard Features: These large demand water softeners feature all digital, American Made metered controls for automatic "trouble free" self cleaning. New "Hard Program" technology means it will hold a program for months with no finicky backup batteries. Great for vacation homes and cabins too. Only add salt add salt once a year on average, when properly sized.

All prices greatly reduced!!

Large Metered Water Softeners

SIZESItem #Price 
2 Cubic Feet (60K)



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2.5 Cubic Feet (75k)



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3.5 Cubic Feet (105k)



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For Higher Flow Rates

Hi Flow SIZESItem #Price 
2 Cubic Feet (60K)



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2.5 Cubic Feet (75k)



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3.5 Cubic Feet (105k)



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Large metered water softeners prices and shipping are subject to change. Water Filters of America™ is not responsible for source water changes or misapplications. Some assembly required.

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