Home Water Softeners at Bargain Prices

Home water softeners at budget Prices. And this one features a digital control valve, with a .5 cubic foot softener tank. And it comes complete with softener tank, softener resin, salt tank and electronic timer. So if you want to buy a water softener at the lowest price, this is it. Also, it is far better quality than the cheap units you would find in local stores and outlets. And if there is a different Fleck or other water softener control that you prefer. Just let us know. Because we have every kind of Fleck Water Softener System that you may want to purchase. So just call and ask one of our friendly and helpful water advisors for help at 800-684-0979. And that phone is answered 7 days a week by real humans. Home Water Softeners. Bargain price

Using a Water Softener for iron removal?

Always remember that you should never use ANY home water softeners as an iron filter. And you should not drink the water from ANY water softener. If you do need a water softener. Then it should have the sole purpose of making hard water soft. And after you put a home water softener system in your house. You should either drink bottled water. Or add a reverse osmosis ($239) drinking filter system in your kitchen. And it will remove the unwanted sodium water softening systems leave behind. And a reverse osmosis drinking water filter system not only removes sodium. But it also removes many other unwanted contaminants and substances from your private well water or municipal city water supply. So you can find premium quality reverse osmosis filters HERE. And they remove sodium, salt, dissolved solids, heavy metals, PCBs, pesticides and fertilizers etc. For PREMIUM Home Water Softener Systems that feature low maintenance electronics. And beautiful digital controls. Along with such stingy salt usage that the average customer says they only add salt about once per year. CLICK HERE These Premium home water softeners featuring only the finest National Name Brand components. And they are custom made to order. So they will give you many years of luxurious soft and silky water. And with virtually NEVER a service call. Also features free lifetime support. Or simple call 800-684-0979 right now for more information. And for a complete listing of all the water softeners and water conditioners we have for sale. Please CLICK HERE

Replace All Brands

Compare home water softener systems. And other water filter systems and prices HERE. We replace all brands of home water softeners. And water conditioners. And well water treatment systems. With an equal or better quality product. And at a far more reasonable price including Culligan®, RainSoft®, Kinetico®, Hague®, Eco Water, Water Rite, Rayne® etc.