Iron Filter Installation Diagram

We sell many other types of iron filters. But usually only when Terminox™ is not the right filter. Also, we carry Birm filters and Greensand filters. So we can treat your water problems for a fraction of the cost of in home sales companies. We are the online leaders world wide. So please let our friendly expert water techs help you decide the right filter for you. Additionally, BEWARE of "slicksters" and "snake oil salesmen" trying to sell water softeners as Iron filters. Because that should be your first indication that something is wrong. This iron filter installation diagram also includes a water softener.

iron filter installation diagram



Because in most cases we can solve your problem inexpensively and without salt, air injectors or chemicals. And the iron filter diagram is for any type of iron filter that is a single tank. Also everything we use are quality national name brand components. And remember to always get your water tested by an independent source. Not someone who sells water equipment. And iron and pH are tests you need at the very least. Private labs are good to use as long as you tell them to test the pH right when they receive the sample. And price shop those labs. Because we have found that many plumbers. And people who sell water equipment. Almost ALWAYS do a lousy job of testing water for some reason. So you want to be SURE about your numbers. Because you never want to wonder if the testing was accurate.

Terminox™ Salt Free Well Water Filter

Salt free, chemical free and maintenance free filter. Pyrolox used to be our main technology for iron, sulfur and manganese treatment until we developed something even better, which is our Terminox™. We are the ONLY company allowed to sell Terminox™. and we have exclusive access to this highly effective technology. It is far more effective than Pyrolox units sold by other copycat companies in that it removes far more contaminants and rarely needs more mineral added down the road. View our line of Terminox™ filters.


Iron, sulfur and manganese are HISTORY with this amazing Pyrolox Media Iron Filter. No harsh chemicals. Nothing to add. Just "set it and forget it". This iron, sulfur and manganese filter has a much better filtration capability than birm filters or air injection and pump methods. View Pyrolox filter sizes and prices. If you want Pyrolox, we are the originators and still offer it, and we are better at sizing Pyrolox properly than anyone else.


For lower flow rates normally. Remove iron sulfur and manganese using potassium permanganate regeneration. Hi tech digital control valve. Compare to iron filters costing up to $3000! View our line of Greensand filters.

Birm Well Water Filter

Does not require chemicals for regeneration, only periodic backwashing is required. Hi-tech Control Valve. 12v power supply, polyethylene lined fiberglass wound mineral tank. Compare to iron filters costing three times as much! View Birm filter sizes and prices. The iron filter diagram is for all iron filters listed.


Iron bacteria can be found in well water and other non-chlorinated water supplies. The bacteria eats the iron so it is not always possible to see it. Iron bacteria found in well water usually has a habit of clumping in the corners of the storage tank on your commode. Chemical Feeder Systems (Chlorine Injection) Complete systems priced from $324.


These systems operate by passing the acidic water through either the Calcite or Calcite plus media which are dissolved into the water balancing out the pH level, or by means of injecting a pH raising mixture into the line. View Acid Neutralizing filter sizes and prices.

Please feel free to call us at our toll-free number 800-684-0979 and a technician will help you decide what is right for you. If you have any test results please share them with the technician. For more information please read items 7, 16 and 17 on this page: FAQS.

NOTE: Some assembly is required on most iron filter installations. Also, you can contact our tech support staff before beginning iron filter installation for instruction. You get lifetime US Based phone support here.

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