Iron removal from  well water or city water

Iron removal from water using a Greensand iron filter. And it is also effective for removal of iron, sulfur and manganese. Iron, sulfur and manganese are oxidized and precipitated by contact with the Greensand media. And then the filter media is regenerated automatically.  And this is done by introducing potassium permanganate to the media. So then the trapped iron and minerals are backwashed out the drain. Potassium permanganate is often referred to as "Pot Perm". While Greensand mineral is lighter than Terminox. And may be effective for lower flow rates when Terminox® can't be used. We still do not recommend using greensand filters at the residential level. Because we do not like to use potassium permanganate if there are any other reasonable options. There is virtually always a better way. Just call us. And speak with a friendly water tech.
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iron removal from water. greensand filter for removing iron
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* Free shipping to the continental United States (all others call for a quote)Low pH water Operating the Greensand filter in acidic (Low pH) water is not recommended. And a simple pH Test will tell you whether your water is acidic or not. And if you know your pH is low, you can effectively treat it using our Chemical Feeder System. You can get a pH test kit at almost any pool supply store. And you can order one from us. So if your water has a pH of 7 or less. Then it is considered acidic. And it should be treated (Raised). If you have had your water tested. And you are looking for another alternative to chemical feeder systems. Then our Acid Neutralizers may be your solution. Most iron filters need a pH of 7.5 or higher. Many need a pH of 8.0 or higher when manganese is present as well.
Iron removal from well water
Also, we have iron filters of many types. So please let our expert technicians help you to determine the right filter for your iron removal from water wells. And please BEWARE of "slicksters" and "snake oil salesmen" trying to sell water softeners as iron filters. Because that should be your first indication that something is wrong.
How to Treat Iron Bacteria? Chemical Feeder Systems (Chlorine Injection) Complete systems priced from $324. Birm iron filters are also available. And a Birm filter works on a principle where the iron and manganese are actually oxidized in the media. And a simple backwashing cleans the bed. Also, a Birm filter uses an air injector. So no chemical regeneration is required. View Birm filters. Iron filters require some assembly. Please contact our support staff to answer any questions you may have. Thank you.