Manganese oxide water filter systems.

Manganese oxide for water filter systems at BUDGET PRICES. We offer the very highest quality manganese oxide, and manganese dioxide available in the United States. We manufacture it to the very highest standards for water filters that remove iron, sulfur, manganese, dirt, turbidity, foul smells and foul odors. It also removes strong chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines. 


When properly applied this mineral requires no salt, chemicals or ongoing maintenance. There are no filters to replace. It is also far superior to other Manganese Oxide and Manganese Dioxide products offered in the United States. And it does NOT come from China.

Perfect for:


Replaces Pro Ox, Pyrolox, Filox, Katolox, Katalox Light, Greensand, Greensand Plus, Birm, Mang OX and all other iron, sulfur and manganese filter replacement minerals. This is a DIRECT RELACEMENT for these minerals. And it is FAR superior to most. No need for air injection, chlorine and chemicals when properly applied. Please feel free to speak with a well water filter specialist by phone to determine the correct usage of this, or any other mineral.

Compare Minerals for Water Filter Backwashing Tanks.

*Pro Ox Minerals for water filters:

Pro Ox appears to be an offshoot of Pyrolox Technology. Their explanation of the product seems quite similar. The good news is that it appears to be a solid mineral. Not a cheap coated mineral such as Filox, Katalox and Katalox light, Greensand and Greensand plus. So that would be a good thing. However they sell it for far more money than our Premium Grade Manganese Oxide. Usually as much as 2 or three times what we sell our premium grade water filter minerals for. That would indicate that there are some "Middlemen" taking a cut, or it is being bought low and sold high. We don't do that here.

*Pyrolox Minerals for water filters:

Pyrolox Minerals is also a solid mineral form. But it is sold at ridiculously expensive prices. We used to sell it before we developed a superior product ourselves. We did this to solve all of the issues we were experiencing with Pyrolox. This includes whatever they are doing to the mineral to make it have excessive coloring. We don't really know if they use dyes or something else to make it appear "Black" in color. But our customers would complain when installing it that they would have to rinse it sometimes for MANY HOURS so the color would not "Bleed" into the house. And even if they ran it in the initial backwash for many hours until it ran clear. The color would often return to the household water on the next few cleaning cycles of the tank.

Additionally, Pyrolox is much heavier than our premium grade product. Which means it struggles a great deal with lower flow rates. And our experience was that unless you sized it perfectly to your well's flow rate, it would often "Pack down" in the tank, reducing flow to the house or irrigation system. We found that we would often have to replace it after 2-5 years of use. The average life expectancy of our premium product is 20 to 30 years when properly applied under normal conditions. And we do not process our minerals with dyes or anything else. It is a virgin mineral with  no additives.

Filox Minerals for water filters:

Filox water filter minerals are one of the most marginal minerals in our opinion. It appears it is a base mineral "Coated with Manganese Ox". Which means that it will obviously break down over time requiring more frequent mineral replacements. And it is HIGHLY EXPENSIVE. We imagine that in-home sales companies love it for the additional expensive service calls when it fails. Also it tends to be hard on piston driven water filter tank controls valves. While we do not use piston driven valves, almost all other companies do. It creates ongoing highly expensive service calls when they fail. We suggest that you be very wary of people who use ANY sort of piston driven valves in ANY water filter that backwashes. This includes common entry level brands such as Fleck, Hydro and others.

Katolox-Katolox Light-Greensand-Greensand Plus for water filters

These products also appear to be coated minerals. And while greensand and greensand plus have the drawbacks associated with these minerals, including the ridiculous claim that it is ok to use them in acidic water. The really marginal claim is the one we often hear from people selling Katolox light that is "Raises pH". While it does seem to have a measure of truth initially, upon testing this mineral we have found that while it may raise the pH of acidic water for a short period of time. It then begins to lose this eventually and the pH begins to drop back down over time. This creates unstable chemistry and indicates that there is something in the product that dissolves in the water to raise pH. Our opinion is that you should virtually NEVER put pH increasing minerals of ANY kind into a backwashing filter that is designed to remove iron, sulfur, manganese etc with natural oxidization. Those minerals almost certainly will dissolve and break down over time. This would cause a fluctuating pH which not a good idea for any well water filter in our humble opinion.

Birm Minerals for Water Filters

While many years ago, circa 1950 to 1970 or so, birm filters had a strong place in water treatment. They have been virtually obsolete, particularly at the residential level, for many, many years. There are several reasons for this. Several drawbacks.

First, they require air injection to turn clear water iron into red water iron. This often builds up air in hot water heaters, softeners and other appliances. That sometimes makes the hot water faucets "Spit" when you turn them on. No one likes spitting hot water pipes.

Second, they often will collect air in the Birm tank itself over time. All those little air bubbles rise to the top when the water is shut of. It builds up a big air bubble in the tank over time. At some point, either when the unit backwashes or when there is a high immediate draw on the water supply. That built up air bubble will "Chunk" through the birm mineral bed, and make the water cloudy or creamy. Some times for many hours or even days. It is just air. But most ladies and kids don't want to drink it. Men are tough, so they don't care usually..

Third, birm filters require a pH of at least 8.0 to properly function, especially if there is any manganese in the water as well.

Our filters do none of these things and can work at a lower pH than birm, even if the water has manganese.

KDF Minerals in water filters

In our opinion, other than Katalox filters (Which we call the slick willy filters of all filters), KDF carbon are the worst thing we see in well water filters. They are less absorbent than other carbon filters. And FAR more expensive. Plus carbons are the number one breeders of bacteria on private, non-chlorinated (Disinfected) wells.

The very best well water filters are Terminox

Terminox has all of the benefits of these other filters, without the drawbacks. Terminox filters can last upwards of 20 to 30 years maintenance free, salt free and chemical free when properly applied. They can even remove chlorine without the use of expensive replacement carbons. They just make good business sense. We sell everything you can imagine. Terminox is the best of them all, particularly at the residential level. And for irrigation.



Manganese Oxide Water Filter

Bulk Pricing on Manganese Oxide

We offer discounted prices when ordering Manganese Oxide in bulk. 

Manganese Oxide
Bulk Pricing
QuantityPrice Per Unit
Manganese Oxide
.5CF bag
1 bag$149 per bag
Manganese Oxide
.5CF bag
10+ bags$139 per bag
Manganese Oxide
.5CF bag
100+ bags$109 per bag

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