Terminox® Water Filter Videos

Terminox® water filter video shows you a 360 degree view of this wonderful well water filter. And this industry leading filter features the largest diameter inner tube (riser tube) on the market. Which means it can handle higher flow rates in every situation.  Most of the larger inner riser tubes, which is what actually carries the water inside the tank, are 1.05". Our cutting edge riser tube is a whopping 1.25"! Making it almost 25% larger than any other standard residential riser tube on the market.

And when you add that to the piston free rotary controller on the Terminox®. There is simply no comparison between this filter and old technology still being used on almost every other unit on the market today. Yes it is larger that Fleck. And it is larger than Autotrol. And it is larger than Clack. And it is larger than Culligan. It is the largest standard residential riser tube you can buy. Everyone knows that ancient piston technology simply puts money in the pockets of water treatment companies. Because it creates ongoing service calls to repair and replace pistons for a lifetime. The Terminox filter is virtually maintenance free. Also it is salt free. And it is chemical free. This one is a no brainer.


While our inner riser tube that carries the water has a massive standard size of 1.25". Comparatively the Fleck 5600 SXT uses the 1.05 OD riser tube.  And the Clack WS 1 also uses 1.05. Also the autotrol   263/268 valves are 1.05. As well as the Ruxin valve and the Hydro valves. Virtually all competitors standard riser flow valve down the middle of the tank is 1.05 or even smaller. This also includes the standard Culligan residential tank.

Water Filter System Comparison Photos

These images of riser tubes show just how much bigger the massive terminox inner riser tubes are compared to the other brands. The riser tube is what carries the water from the well to the control valve in the unit. The bigger the tube, the more water that can flow through it. It is simple math. The higher the water flow rate it, the better the unit cab backwash (Clean) itself. The black tubes in the images are ours. The white tube represent the much smaller and thinner tubes you find in Fleck, Autotrol, Hydro, Pentair, Ruxin, and almost all others.

Terminox water filter riser tube is the largest

In this next image, our riser flow tubes are so large the thin little small tubes of the competitors will actual FIT INSIDE our tube. Our INNER diameter is even bigger than their OUTER diameter. Amazing! You can easily see how flimsy the white ones look. But if they crack or break, the dealer who sold them gets to charge really expensive service calls to fix them.

Terminox iron sulfur and manganese filters have the biggest riser tubes in their tanks.

Terminox® has American NPT threads.

And it is almost impossible to cross thread them. Did you know that many of these competitors such as Hydro and Ruxin use plastic threads that are actually garden hose threads (GHT). You literally have to damage the thread while screwing them on to seal the connection. So PVC and Copper type threads DO NOT FIT WELL. Because they do not have standard American NPT or MPT threads. They actually have GHT threads. And that stands for Garden Hose Threads!

That is what they make in overseas countries to overseas standards. It's fine if you are hooking up your unit to a GARDEN HOSE... You can tell it is a garden hose thread when you are screwing on a PVC, Copper, Plex or other fitting and it goes on just a little ways. And then gets incredibly tight, or ceases up. And then it is almost impossible to unscrew if you need to disconnect the fitting for some reason. That is because screwing it on actually alters the integrity of their threads. Our sturdy NPT threads will go on and off easily. Even if you unscrew them a hundred times..

The choice is simple. The decision is yours. Don't believe the sales hype and silliness. The mathematics speak for themselves.


Virtually all other brands are either pistons driven. This includes Fleck, Culligan and Clack. The pistons have o-rings and such that can fail if their are too many things in the water. You know, things like iron, dirt and manganese. It takes a special tool to replace or remove a piston. These companies only sell the tool to dealers.. And those piston are in tight cylinders with rubber rings. Metal, such as iron, rubbing back and forth wear the piston. And then you get that pricey service call. Our industry leading rotary valves have no pistons or cams to fail. And that means many years of trouble free service an NO expensive service calls. Plus with our hi tech US Based support staff. Service calls are virtually a thing of the past.

Terminox® Water Filter Video

Water filter tanks and riser tube videos. The first video mainly is about the tanks. The second is mostly about the riser tubes and the benefits of having the largest riser tubes and flow rate potential in the industry.