Professional water testing

Professional water testing at reasonable prices. The water tests offered on this page are professional lab tests. And these tests are certified in all 50 states. Some basic testing is even free. And we can test for virtually ANYTHING in water. As a rule of thumb, if you tell us what you are looking for, we can test for it. And if you do not see the particular item listed on this page that you need to test for, please call us. And one of our friendly water technicians can assist you.

professional water testing for city water and well water

Please Note: If you live near a farming area. You may want to strongly consider adding pesticide testing too. If you are in a hurry, please check out our "QUICK TESTS" at the end of this page. And if you need a test certified for ANY State certification or situation, just let us know. And we can provide all of the certifications you may need. We have the top testing labs in the country. And our professional water testing is the best you can buy.

SODIUM TEST $69   Buy Now!

This test is very popular for people with private wells that think they have salt or sodium in their well. And it is much easier to remove salt or sodium from your water if we know how much sodium you actually have in the water. And yes, we can certainly filter sodium and salt from your well water. Also this test is for people who get a high TDS reading (Total dissolved solids). And are wondering if it is salt or sodium.

Water softeners produce unhealthy levels of sodium in drinking water. If you have a water softener, this test will show if it is safe to drink the water from that water softener in regard to high sodium levels.

Many people with salt water pools can do this test. Because they want to be sure the salt concentration is high enough to use their chlorine generator.


Harmful Bacteria in Well Water (Ecoli and Coliform)

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This is a simple "pass" or "fail" water test. And it is for the presence or absence of harmful Coliform and E. Coli Bacteria. And coliform is an indicator bacteria that public water supplies are required to monitor. Because the presence of Coliform could indicate the presence of other infection disease causing organisms. And if Coliform is present. Then we look for E. Coli as well which is a known pathogen. This is the test MOST counties, cities and state governments require for residents with private wells. And we have certified results in 50 states.

This test for is for harmful bacteria only. It tells you simply whether you have it or not. If you have this bacteria, it needs to be treated regardless of how much you find in the water supply. Any at all is too much. Keep in mind that there are other bacterium that could cause you issues with your water as well. But E-Coli and Coliform are harmful bacterium. And can be deadly if not treated. Especially to babies and senior citizens, or those with weak immune systems. This test will not test for metals or minerals in your water.

Well Water Test 1: $180 Buy Now

This well water test is for the following: Bacteria (Total Coliform & E-coli), 19 heavy metals and minerals; 6 other inorganic chemicals and 5 physical factors. Please see list below for 19 metals, 6 inorganic and 5 physical forms (see list of contaminants tested for below). Each test kit is designed for one sample location.

This test is intended for those that want an in-depth analysis including harmful bacteria and most commonly found metals in water. Keep in mind, that Sulfur (Hydrogen Sulfide) and iron bacteria are not harmful to humans or animals. And are not included. But can be added on. If you have multiple issues with your water, we can always customize the testing to fit your needs.

Well Water Test 2 $145.00 Buy Now

This well water test is for the following: 19 heavy metals and minerals; 6 other inorganic chemicals and 5 physical factors. Each test kit is designed for one sample location. Please see list below for 19 metals, 6 inorganic and 5 physical forms tested (see list of contaminants tested for below).

NOTE: This test is similar to well water test 1 except that it does not test for harmful bacteria. It is intended for those who want a professional analysis. But only want to know what metals and minerals are in the water. Keep in mind that Sulfur (Hydrogen Sulfide) and iron bacteria are not normally harmful to humans or animals. But they are harmful to water filtration equipment. They are not included in this particular test, but can be added.

Well Water Test 1 Plus Pesticides: $280 Buy Now

This Well-Screen with Pesticide adds an additional check for 20 pesticides, herbicides and PCBs. And each test kit is designed for one sample location. Also this test is normally used as an addition to the Well-Screen test which includes E-coli, Coliform, 19 minerals, 5 Physical forms, plus 6 Inorganic chemicals.

This is Well Water Test 1 from above, which is an in-depth analysis that includes E-coli and Coliform, 19 metals, 5 physical forms and 6 inorganic chemicals (see list of contaminants tested for below), plus 20 additional commonly found pesticides in private wells. And particularly for water in agricultural areas. And for people who live near farms. So if you have a private well near a farm or animal raising farm, this is highly recommended for you.

Water Test for Vinyl Chloride

Vinyl chloride water testing, as well as testing for other VOCs (volatile organic compounds), is included in the Well Water Test 1 Plus Pesticides  listed above. Click here to read more about water testing for vinyl chloride.

Well Water Test 1 and 2: list of contaminants tested for:
19 heavy metals Tested:

Aluminum, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Manganese, Mercury, Nickel, Potassium, Selenium, Silica, Silver, Sodium, Zinc.

5 Physical forms and 6 Inorganic chemicals tested:

Alkalinity (Total as CaCO3) Chloride, Fluoride, Hardness, Nitrate as N, Nitrite as N, Orthophosphate, pH (Standard Units), Sulfates, Total Dissolved Solids and Turbidity (Turbidity Units)

Note: Analysis Processing Time: 7 Business days from date of receipt for any test including bacteria due to the fact that bacterium, whether harmful or not, needs 3 days growing time in the lab.

Dual Iron for Total Iron: $69 Buy Now

The Dual Iron Test analyzes dissolved iron and total iron. And it can help water treatment professionals determine the most efficient removal of either form of iron (ferric or ferrous). Determining the type and levels of iron found is necessary to prevent fouling of minerals. And iron buildup in water heaters and softeners. As well as reduction in softening capacity and unpleasant taste, odor and staining.

You can add a pH test to this for a complete overall test. pH is essential to ANY iron application and virtually all private well water treatment applications. Iron bacteria is another important test regarding iron removal applications.

There are multiple types of iron in well water. This test is intended to help you determine the type of iron that is present. And assist you in choosing the best water treatment equipment to correctly fit your needs. This test is for dissolved iron (Ferrous) or Red water Iron (Ferric), Total Iron which includes both, Ferric and Ferrous. If you have a serious iron problem. Or if you suspect that you do. Simply add an iron bacteria test and a pH test to this dual iron test.

Iron Bacteria: $56 Buy Now

Iron bacterium derive their energy from oxidizing iron commonly found in groundwater. There are no health effects associated with the presence of these bacterium, but they can cause aesthetic problems with the water such as taste, odor and staining of laundry and fixtures. Iron bacterium can make water treatment filters and devices fail to perform correctly.

Iron Bacteria is that slime that is often found in your toilet tank and other areas in your home. Although there are methods that we use to determine the presence of iron bacteria. None is better than a true laboratory check. Iron Bacteria is not considered by most people to be harmful to humans or animals. But it causes problems on equipment like iron filters. It can cause equipment failure if left untreated.

Sulfur (Hydrogen Sulfide): $169 Buy Now

One of the most common issues with well water, other than iron and manganese. Is Hydrogen Sulfide. We are able to offer testing for this nuisance without sending someone to your home or charging an outrageous fee to come and collect the water. We send out a glass bottle with a special liquid that traps the gas and enables us to test it at our laboratory. This is a test for the rotten egg smell in your water.

Rotten Egg Smell

Sulfur, or Hydrogen Sulfide, is the rotten egg smell often found in well water. And sometimes found in poorly treated city water supplies. This test measures that. Most laboratories do not have the ability to do such testing. So they often say it can't be done. We are one of the few labs that are able to offer such testing. There is no way that any test strip can accurately give you a TRUE reading on this gas.

Knowing the level is often key to selecting the proper equipment for you. We also highly recommend that you add pH and Manganese testing to this test. Manganese can also give symptoms similar to Sulfur, such as a foul smell in the hot water only. Or you see the color black in the back of toilets and other places that household water is present.

Tannins Test: $75.00 Buy Now

Tannins can cause a faint yellow to brown color when present in water. And tannins are usually formed from the decomposition of vegetative matter. And can be quite common in well water and ground water sources such as springs and cisterns. Tannins can clog filters and cause taste and odor issues with your water.

Tannins can take on similar features to iron. It can stain and cause a foul smell in the water. It can cause staining to water fixtures and clothing. Tannins can often be found with iron, such as ferric and ferrous iron, as well as iron bacteria. Many people mistake tannin problems as iron problems. Professional water testing can tell you if you have tannins for sure.

Arsenic Test: $75.00 Buy Now

Arsenic is a naturally occurring chemical element that is found in the Earth’s crust. The levels of arsenic found in water, air, and soil varies by location.

Arsenic in drinking water is a concern. And levels of arsenic are usually higher in wells, than lakes or reservoirs. Testing for arsenic helps you know what type of filtration equipment is the right option to remove it.

Slime Bacteria: $65.00 Buy Now

Slime bacteria, sometimes referred to as organic slime, is a term used to describe bacteria which produce significant amounts of slime or biofilms. The presence of these bacteria can cause problems with plugging or flow restriction, taste and odor, as well as providing a biofilm for pathogens such as legionella to hide in. Slime bacteria can also inhibit the ability of backwashing filters that oxidize to do their function correctly.

This test is for those having issues with taste or smells and have no particular signs of iron, sulfur or manganese. This slime has been notoriously linked to legionella bacteria. Having UV systems in place does not necessarily provide protection, particularly when shielding occurs. Chlorination through retention is the best way to provide protection from harmful bacterium.

Sulfate Reducing Bacteria: $65.00 Buy Now

Sulfate reducing bacteria feed upon sulfur based compounds including sulfate, sulfite, elemental sulfur and thiosulfate. They produce hydrogen sulfide as a byproduct, so the "rotten egg odor" is often an indication that these bacterium are present.

If you are having a difficult time getting rid of a rotten egg smell in your water, then this test is a good idea. This bacteria is what eats, sulfur, sulfate, sulfite and thiosulfate in water and its byproduct is the rotten egg smell that is in your cold and hot water. Checked in order to make sure that you treat it right the first time. It is not harmful to humans or animals, but it can be quite the problem in some private wells.

Hot water ONLY smell

Note: If you have a smell in the hot water only, it might not be this bacteria, it could be manganese. That is why professional water testing is a good idea. No more guessing about your water quality.

Dual Iron, pH and Iron Bacteria: $156 Buy Now

This test is for those with heavy iron issues that want exact results about the water. So that you can determine the best possible solution. And don't forget to add a Tannins test to this if you have yellow discoloration in the water.

This test is for you if you want to test strictly for iron related issues. And you are not concerned about harmful bacteria. And other metals or minerals that might be present. Also, this test is for Dissolved iron (Ferrous) and total iron (Ferric and Ferrous). As well as pH and Iron bacteria (slime inside toilet tanks and bowls). But iron bacteria is a not a harmful bacteria to humans or animals. But will usually hinder proper filtration from working properly over time. And can end the life of most filters far sooner than expected.


Professional water testing for Add Ons for Well Water-Screens. (IF not listed please call)

Price: $ 45.00 each


Arsenic (Total Arsenic)





Dissolved Iron

Foaming Agents

Standard Plate Count




Quick TESTS that are offered:

Quick test series provides faxed or emailed test results within a few business days of receipt sample. But with the exception of Inspect-Check which takes longer.

These Quick tests are ideal for Real Estate Agencies, Banks, and Home owners looking for quick testing to be done for refinancing or buying a new home. Most home inspections will require that some sort of testing on the private well be done.

Quick Lead (single sample): $60 Buy Now!

This test is a single test for those wanting to test for Lead only. Because some older homes with old galvanized pipes will require this testing to be done before selling their home or refinancing their home. And some areas require the testing to be completed even if on Municipal water (City water). Lead solder was not outlawed until 1987. So if you have copper pipes. And the home was built in 1987 or before. You may want to consider this test as essential.

Quick E-Coli or Coliform Bacteria $60 Buy Now

This is single test to determine the presence of harmful E-Coli or Coliform ONLY. So this test is not for iron bacteria or sulfur reducing bacteria. And this is also referred to as a Pass/Fail test.

Quick Nitrate/Nitrite: $60 Buy Now

This test is for Nitrate and Nitrite only. And these are common byproducts of waste from animals or humans. And often found in some surface water. Such as springs or spring fed wells and residential private wells. Also commonly used for Municipal water supplies (City water).

Quick Screen Well Test: $87 Buy Now

Includes Iron, alkalinity, hardness, pH & TDS. And this test covers the most common tests needed for private residential well water. So you can determine what the proper types of well water treatment should be installed. Also, you may add Tannins and Iron bacteria to this test as well. Professional water testing for all your water test needs.

Home Inspection Check: $175 Buy Now

Bacteria, nitrate, nitrite, iron, lead, copper, turbidity, pH.

This test covers, E-coli and Coliform (pass or fail),. As well as Nitrate and Nitrates, Total Iron (Both Ferric and Ferrous), Lead, Copper, pH and Turbidity. And turbidity is to define the clarity of the water. And pH is to determine if the water is acidic (Acid water) or base (Alkaline). Virtually all new home owners that are moving into a home on a private well are required to have this test done. Additionally, some decide to get this done again after moving into the home. This test is similar to Well Water Test 1. But not as involved if you do not wish to know about all the minerals and metals in the water.

BNLC $137.50 Buy Now

Bacteria, nitrate, nitrite, lead & copper.

This test is a pass or fail for bacteria (E-coli and Coliform), nitrates, nitrites, lead and copper. And this test is the most popular test that Banks and Real Estate agencies order. Because they are often required when selling or buying a home. Also often required when securing a loan. So if you are told by a bank to get the water tested to refinance your home. This is likely the test you will want to order.

BNLT $137.50 Buy Now

Bacteria, nitrate, nitrite, lead & turbidity.

This is test is similar to test above. Except that it removes the copper test. And adds a Turbidity test, which is to determine the clarity of the water. And turbidity testing is normally done when color or sediment is an issue in wells. Because some newly drilled wells may output high amounts of sediment. And the Turbidity reading can help identify the potential solution. And this is another test that some lenders will require home owners to secure a loan. Professional water testing is a must in these cases.

Professional water testing