Home Test Kits for Well and City Water

Professional Hardness Test Kit This test measures the amount of total hardness present in the water sample using the drop count method. Great for diagnosing your water so you can determine what size water softener is perfect for you. Also diagnoses the water to see if it changed after applying your equipment. Price: $40.00 Buy Now Hardness Test Kit Simple, Easy to use Chlorine and pH Testers These tests measure the pH level and Chlorine levels present in the water using the drop count method. Great for diagnosing your water so you can determine whether you need to add an acid neutralizer tank on well water or on city water if you need to reduce the amount of chlorine in the water.
DescriptionItem #Price
pH4739$15.00Buy Now
DigitalPH-80$49.00Buy Now
TDS4849-5$39.00Buy Now
Chlorine4738$10.00Buy Now
Hardness4639$40.00Buy Now
Hardness 30HTK30$13.00Buy Now
Arsenic Test Kits
DescriptionItem #Price
ResidentialARS1$45.00Buy Now
ProfessionalARS2$169.00Buy Now
Pro Field Test Kits Available
DescriptionItem #Price
Pro (50 iron tests)102$114.00Buy Now
Dlx (50 iron tests)DFK101$199.00Buy Now
Pro TDS MeterTDS$79.00Buy Now

Many people rely on private wells for their drinking water. Unlike municipal water sources, no regulations exist that require the regular testing of private water wells. Therefore, the responsibility for monitoring water quality and identifying possible health risks falls upon the homeowner.

If you do rely on a private water well for your drinking water, it is recommended that it be tested regularly. We have many types of water treatment methods available, the choice will depend upon your specific problem.