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Well water filtration advice and information. You can find everything you need here to determine what well water filtration system you need. And we include irrigation and sprinkler system filter advice.

How to select the proper well water filtration or well water treatment system for the home

First you need to determine what it is about the water you want to correct. This may be iron, sulfur smells, manganese, hardness, pH issues, bacteria, tastes, odors, different types of chemicals, tannins, color or any combination of these or other things.

On any existing private well, there are several things that you should do BEFORE talking to anyone about equipment. And beware of anyone who would suggest ANY equipment without requiring the answers to these questions without you first suggesting it. You should always do the following:

How do I check my FLOW RATE?

To determine your flow rate please follow these two simple steps:

(1) Open the NEAREST faucet or tap AFTER the pressure tank (But NOT the one ON the pressure tank) until the well pump turns on. Immediately turn off the tap and count how many seconds the well pump runs from the time it came on until it shuts off. Write the number of seconds the pump ran down.

(2) Now get a container you can measure water in, such an empty gallon milk container. Open the tap or faucet and fill the container. Close the tap and dump the water down the drain. Continue doing this and counting each gallon until the pump starts again. Write down the number of gallons you counted until the pump started. If there are any partial gallons left over count those as well; such as a total of 1.5 or 4.25 for example.

You now have the information to calculate the well pump rate. Just give one of our techs a call and tell him how many seconds you calculated and then tell him how many gallons you were able to draw after that. He will then be able to tell you exactly what the flow rate is. This information is essential to properly size any backwashing filter (Such as iron filters and water softeners) or other flow rate dependent items such as Ultra Violet (UV) systems. You should always know your flow rate on ANY private well.


DO NOT use a water hose when checking flow rates! If necessary have someone listen for the pump to turn on while you draw water.

For example: The well pump ran for 30 seconds and then you were able to draw 5.5 gallons before the pumps started again. That means you have 11 GPM flow rate.

Testing Your Water

One good thing you can do is get your water "independently" tested. There are several FREE testing suggestions below.

Paid Testing: One way to get testing is to simply look under "laboratories" in the Yellow Pages. If you choose this method be sure to call several to compare prices as labs vary greatly in their pricing. You can usually find one that will check your iron, pH, hardness and TDS quite inexpensively. Sometimes for just a few dollars more they will give you a very wide range of tests (recommended) and we understand what it all means as a rule. Tell us what is in the water and we will get the solution right every time.

CAUTION: NEVER let someone that sells water equipment test your water; especially the ones that try to come into your home. Always try to get it tested by someone that does NOT sell water equipment.


Many swimming supply stores do testing for FREE and are pretty accurate. You can also send us a sample and we will test it for FREE. Just give one of our techs a call and they will tell you how to send us a sample. And while we always tell you to let someone independent test it so you can trust the results. You can trust that we will test it. And be honest about the results. There are also test kits on our site for sale if you want to test "On site" personally. You can find them on our website by clicking the link below:

Water Test Kits

Our techs can tell you which tests you need if you give them a quick call. Our techs are never allowed to ask you to buy anything or pressure you in any fashion. They just answer your questions and give you great advice. Even if you never buy anything they can tell you what you need to do to have the perfect application. Our advice for water treatment and filtration systems for private well water is always free.

Once you have tested your well water. And checked your flow rate on a private well. You should also do the following.

Visual Check for Organics and Bacteria Issues

Note: This step does not normally apply for irrigation systems. This step is for residential applications where there is a toilet in use. Iron bacteria in Irrigation systems can usually only be found with a lab test ($55).

When treating problem well water it is always good to check for organic issues (Things living or growing in the water). And if you have ANY iron in the water at all it is good to do a visual inspection for iron bacteria. Organics and iron bacteria can make many well water filters. Including backwashing filters. And most other well water filtration and treatment systems fail over time. It is really easy to do these visual inspections. Each should just take a minute or so of your time.

Visual Organics Check takes just a few moments. Find instructions here.

Visual Organics Check

Iron Bacteria Visual Check is something you can do in about 30 seconds. You can find instructions here.

Iron Bacteria Check

In most cases we can solve your problem inexpensively and without air injectors or chemicals. Everything we use is top of the line in quality national name brand equipment. And remember you should NEVER use a water softener as an iron filter.

Well Water Treatment Equipment and Prices Buy Now


While we sell every type of treatment or filtration system imaginable, from softeners, to iron and sulfur filters, to drinking water systems like reverse osmosis Our most popular well water unit is our EXCLUSIVE TERMINOX™ ISM backwashing filter system.

well water filtration advice what size is right


Our Terminox™ filters remove iron, sulfur, manganese, dirt, turbidity, smells, tastes and even harsh chemicals such as chlorine. They use no salt or chemicals and are virtually maintenance free. Just "Set it and forget it". And they make the water taste so clean and good! You can find them on this page:


Watch out for slick operators selling water softeners as iron filters!

Please don't hesitate to give us a quick call for a discussion of your situation. Keep in mind our technicians are not allowed to ask you to buy anything or pressure you in ANY way. They just answer your questions and give you great advice. We are the online leader for water treatment worldwide. And we set the standard for all others to follow.

We appreciate your patience.

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