Well Water Conditioner System

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Well Water Conditioner System includes a 7" Terminox™ ISM Filter. And a 30K On Demand Water Softener. And RO Drinking Water System. To provide you with clean soft water throughout the entire house. No matter what problem you have with your well water. We have a system for you. Be sure to check with a water quality technician by phone. Or e-mail to be certain you are ordering the correct treatment system.

Well Water Conditioner System includes a Terminox™ Filter. a 30K On Demand Water Softener. RO Drinking Water System

Terminox™ Filter Complete

Complete Terminox Filter

Digital DEMAND Water Softener

reverse osmosis RO

The Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System purifies your water and removes sodium left behind by water softeners.

A Complete Water System for the Home

This is a PREMIUM quality, efficient, durable system that will provide you with clean, soft water for years to come. Enjoy pure, fresh water while protecting your home and family from unwanted contaminants.

7" Terminox™ Filter

Includes an oxidizing mineral, like a rock, that comes out of the ground. It NATURALLY oxidizes things such as iron, manganese and sulfur. It turns oxidized items into a sediment form. Which cannot pass through its dense mineral bed.

Unlike birm filters which require air injection. Or other filters which require chlorine, salt or hazardous chemicals. Such as a toxic chemical called potassium permanganate. This filter is environmentally friendly and requires no additives at all. It periodically cleans itself in the middle of the night. And requires virtually no maintenance. You just "Set it and forget it." The 7" is for lower flow rates.

It removes iron, sulfur, manganese, dirt, sediment, turbidity. And harsh chemicals as well, such as chlorine. As the mineral is a catalyst it virtually never requires removal and replacement. The average Terminox™ filter should last you 25 to 35 years. It is state of the art Technology. And is offered exclusively by WFOA™. These units are most effective on a pH of 7.5 or higher. To properly size your unit you must know your flow rate and pH.

30K On Demand

Water softener includes the mineral tank. 1 cubic foot of resin. Control valve and salt tank. This unit regenerates (cleans itself) with "state of the art" 'metered' controls. Which means it only regenerates as needed. Saving you water and salt (or potassium). As compared to 'timer' models. Our average customer tells us they add salt about once per year on average. When softener is properly applied.

4 Stage Reverse Osmosis

This is a 4 filter system that includes a 5 Micron pre sediment filter, pre carbon filter, 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane. And a polishing taste and odor post filter. Reverse Osmosis is widely recognized as the best way to provide the cleanest great tasting water at your finger tips. Reverse Osmosis removes impurities that can be found in your water. Including the sodium that is added by a water softener (read our article about drinking soft water). It also removes chemicals, carcinogens, heavy metals, lead, PCBs etc. It is the most practical and economical way to insure that you and your family has great drinking water for just pennies a day. Bottled water quality right out of your tap.

Water Softener Sizing Chart

1-4 people: 30k grain water softener unit

1-6 people: 45k grain water softener unit

1-8+ people: 60k grain water softener unit

We have every size you could need.

If your water is very hard (Above 10 GPG or 171 PPM), you may want to go up in size. Please feel free to give us a quick call for friendly no hassle advice.

Please Note: For homes with an automatic dishwasher, count the dishwasher as 1/2 person when sizing your home water softener.

Also Note: For homes with an automatic clothes washer, count the clothes washer as 1/2 person when sizing your home water softener.

NOTE: Anyone considering purchasing well water treatment equipment. Should first gather the information required under items, 7, 16 and 17 on this page: Articles/FAQ's


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Having trouble sizing? Or deciding on one of our Well Water Treatment Systems? Call one of our expert technicians. To see which Well Water Treatment System is right for you. Keep in mind our technicians are not allowed to ask you to buy anything. Or pressure you in ANY way. They just answer your questions. And give you great advice. We are the online leader for water treatment worldwide. We set the standard for all others to follow.

NOTE: You should NEVER drink the water from ANY filtration system that uses salt. Unless it includes a Reverse Osmosis Drinking System. And no, the refrigerator filter will not remove sodium.

ALSO NOTE: You should NEVER attempt to use a water softener filtration system to remove iron. Read why on our Iron Softener page.

Well water conditioner system