Visual Organics Check

Visual Organics Check for well water treatment systems. In order to do a visual inspection for organics. Especially when applying iron filters and sulfur filters. Or other well water treatment filters for non-chlorinated well water.

Please do the following:

Take the lid off of the back of one of your toilet storage tanks. With ALL well water, there will be a film on top of the water. If you can't see it at first. You may want to get a strong light. And shine it sideways across the top of the water until you see the film. Once you see the film lightly touch the water with your index finger. The film will either "repel" from you finger or it will just lay there.

Just tell us what you see. And with few other questions, we can determine if you have an organics issue. But if you have any sort of chlorine puck. Or other chemicals to disinfect the tank. Or if the water is chlorinated. This test will not work. And if you have any iron in your well water. An iron bacteria check would be the correct thing to do as well. And do a flow rate check as well. Also some basic water testing. And we can test your water for free.

visual organics check for well water filters


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Please note:

We custom make each unit from scratch for exactly the water issues you have. There are a number of different control valves, tanks and options that are decided upon by our engineering staff on each order. We make sure it is made for exactly the kind of water you have. Because each well is unique in our opinion. This assures you have the best equipment, at the best price, that does the best job, with the best warranties. So the pictures do not always reflect exactly what the filter will look like. And remember, we have everything. If there is some piece of specific water filter equipment you want, just tell us what it is. If we don't have it, we will make it! Right here in the good old USA.


Visual Organics Check