Pyrolox Mineral Backwashing Filters

Pyrolox mineral backwashing filters became a popular mainstream filter 20 years ago. We introduced them back in 1999. At the time. They were the best iron, sulfur and manganese filter. While they can be a decent filter. Pyrolox filters certainly had some drawbacks. That is why we developed the newer state of the art technology called Terminox™ well water filtration system.

Pyrolox mineral iron filters and prices

While both water filters can oxidize. Over the years we found that Pyrolox tends to bunch more often. And it loses much more mineral over the years. As well as being more  susceptible to pH issues. And it burns up faster when overly chlorinated. Also the mineral damages faster in lower pH ranges. Even if only exposed to the low pH water for a short time.

Pyrolox mineral backwashing filters for removing iron, sulfur and manganese from well water

Our Terminox™ filters are generally up to 20% more effective than the Pyrolox mineral backwashing filters you now see online. And most online companies do not follow our strict rules about applying these filters. Especially flow rate and pH perameters.

So be especially wary of companies who use Pyrolox filters with entry level piston driven valves. Such as Fleck® control valves. Especially when high amounts of iron, sediment, sand or iron bacteria are present. It is your first sign that company may be selling marginal filters. Also watch out for blue and black colored tanks. No good Pyrolox filter would have those. They are cheap aftermarket tanks the marginal companies use.

While our Terminox™ filters are a few dollars more than the older Pyrolox filters. They are definitely worth it. Especially if you want the superior performance. And reduced service issues (Almost none) that the Terminox™ Filter brings to the table. This may be a 25 or 35 year decision you are making. As that is the average life expectancy of the Terminox. Which is 4 times that of the Pyrolox mineral backwashing filter system. Please choose your water filter wisely!

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Pyrolox Mineral Backwashing Filters

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