Chlorine Injection Pump

Chlorine Injection Pump

The chlorine injection pump's positive displacement mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pumps are respected by professionals around the world for dependability, ease of maintenance, and versatility in a wide range of water treatment applications.

Key Features

Versatility: Feed rates from 11.3 LPD (3 GPD) to 378.5 LPD (100 GPD) at operating pressures to 100 psi.

Low Maintenance: Lifetime lubricated, sealed, self-maintaining drive train.

Reliability: Four ball valve design for trouble-free operation.

Long Life: Metal reinforced, short stroke diaphragm.

Durability: Strong, chemical resistant, flame retardant housing.

Simple Installation: Injection back pressure valve assembly ensures injection at an angle and inhibits siphoning.

**Note: Make sure you determine whether you need a 110v or a 220v before purchasing (should be same voltage as the well)

Description Item # Price
Chemical Injection Pump 110v (includes injector/hoses) complete kit 4701-15 $324.87 Buy Now
Chemical Injection Pump 220v (includes injector/hoses) complete kit 4702-15 $324.87 Buy Now
Chlorine Solution Tank (16 gallon) 4713 $99.87 Buy Now
Chlorine Solution Tank (35 gallon) 4714 $149.87 Buy Now
Soda Ash (50 lb.) SOD1 $74.87 Buy Now

Add a 16 gallon chlorine solution tank for your chemical feed pump for a low price!
Mixing tank

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