This is an e-mail we received from a person named Maurice:

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I'm interested in a home water softener. I currently pay over $30/month for a water softener service that exchanges the tank every month. This method is too costly.I have read the information that you have provided on your web site. I have also read the information at (((deleted))), which uses a catalytic alloy with their water softeners (no salt, no maintenance).What do you know about this other type of system?Why would you recommend Water Filters of America™ Softeners when compared to (((deleted))).
Both Water Filters of America™® Softeners and (((deleted))) seem to offer quality water softeners.Please help me decide.
Our response:

Dear Maurice,

We have never heard of that brand and can find no one over our network of dealers and manufacturers who have. However, we sent a tech to investigate it for you and found a number of inaccurate or false statements in his opinion.
For example:
They say on their site:

Unlike salt-based softeners, (((deleted))) Water Softeners do not remove the healthy minerals in order to soften the water.

They are telling you here that they don't remove the minerals in water which is what a water softener is designed for. We see these MAGNET (They sometime call themselves maintenance free) companies make the same claims as this company but when you test behind them they show the hardness is still there. In other words: If the hardness and T.D.S. shows up when performing laboratory tests it means the hardness is still there. These companies can never PROVE they make the water soft. The minerals add weight thus adding more elements to the water to heat up requiring far more energy to heat the water. That alone means that the unit will not be efficient. Our water softeners are ALL capable of virtually zero hard water and you can measure the success at any time and KNOW for sure they work. Even if this technology worked, which is doubtful, how do you test to know it is working. It is just plain silly when you think of it.
They also say:

Unlike salt-based systems, our units removed existing scale and build-up from plumbing and equipment, resulting in fewer equipment breakdowns and extended service life for ice-making equipment and other water-dependent machinery.

This is entirely untrue. It is a scientific and proven fact that water softeners remove scale build up. Feel free to check out the information New Mexico State University has to offer on this subject.

Besides, if it worked, we would likely sell it. We have everything else... If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. We see a lot of people each day that were previously duped by various product claims. Please be careful with your money. Also: We are available by phone 24 hours per day seven days per week.
They have this on their site:

. . . .

The only phone number we see is a toll call. It is almost like they don't want you to call and if you do it's going to cost you! When we call it there is a tape machine on (it sounds like maybe a private home machine) with what sounds like an elderly person leaving a very basic message. What happens if you need help on a Sunday? Call our number, it is toll free and a human ALWAYS answers the phone to help you right away. Which would you rather have helping you each and every day? We love our customers at Water Filters of America™® USA!

There are a number of these companies selling equipment that does not pass ANY of our tests. Here are a few:

GMX Clearwater®



Never Scale®


These are just a few. None of the magnet-maintenance free gimmicks work at all. Don't waste your money. It will make you feel really stupid....

Canada has started suing these type of companies for making fraudulent claims. At least the Canadian government has figured it out!

Thank you,
Water Filters of America™®