Well Water Carbon Problems

Well water carbon problems and other well water carbon issues are quite common. Because using carbon on a private well is almost always a mistake. But many water treatment dealers sell carbon on private wells. Because they want to create expensive service calls over time. They call it "Residual income".

Carbon filters on private wells are the number one breeder of bacteria. Especially if you are not chlorinating the water first. Plus, you have to replace it on a regular basis. And that results in needless expensive service calls to pad their pockets. That is why many people have well water carbon issues. The only place for carbon is on "Chlorinated" city water supplies normally. There are a few rare instances where carbon may be acceptable. Such as high arsenic or gasoline products in your well. So be sure to speak with one of our expert techs to see if carbon is appropriate. Though it is rarely the answer with well water. There are almost always better and more cost effective solutions.

Buyers Beware

Buyers beware of companies who use carbon to simply remove chlorine or sulfur from water. This is your first indication you are likely dealing within a "Slick Willy". Even the very best national name brand in home water treatment sale companies, who you think you should be able to trust, use this marginal and ridiculous tactic. Usually these same companies tell you that you need retention tanks for "Contact time". That is never true unless you have harmful bacteria such as e-coli or coliform. And most of these companies will add large retention tanks. And never tell you that you need a 120 gallon retention tank for every 6 gallons per minute of flow rate. Again that is ONLY for e-coli or coliform. Not for iron bacteria, sulfur or other organic issues.

well water carbon problems. Well water carbon issues

Carbon Filters for Public Water Supplies

Carbon is normally fine for city water applications. But only as long as some unscrupulous company has not convinced you to use exotic carbons. Such as KDF, coconut carbon or any other type exotic carbon. Either alone or in conjunction with granular activated carbon (GAC) in the same tank. Buyers beware of such companies! NEVER mix carbons and other minerals in the SAME tank. Including water softener minerals. And pH or pH increasing minerals in the same tank.

When is carbon appropriate?

If a company has told you that you need carbon or retention tanks for anything other than e-coli or coliform on well water. You should call and speak with one of our techs to learn the PROPER application. On city water the you can often do carbon, softener and reverse osmosis. Anything else is usually a sales pitch to extract needless money from your pocketbook. Please don't hesitate to give us a quick call for a quick evaluation of your issue. Keep in mind our technicians are not allowed to ask you to buy anything or pressure you in ANY way. They just answer your questions and give you great advice. We are the online leader for water treatment worldwide.

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