Water Storage/Retention Tanks

Storage-Retention-Contact Tank

40Gallon Storage/ Retention Tank. $299 Buy Now

*80 GallonStorage/Retention Tank. $459 Buy Now

*120 GallonStorage/Retention Tank. $529 Buy Now

Accelerator In-lineMixer/Booster. $99 Buy Now

When you need "contact time"(time for the water to stay in a tank with chlorine or other chemicals to dotheir job) these tanks are the way to go.

Theselightweight tanks have no metal to corrode and offer an opportunity to"drain off" excess iron, sediment and other unwanted contaminantsafter they are collected to keep them from ever entering your water supply inthe home.

NOTE: Optional "Accelerator"($99) makes a small tank act like a much bigger tank for people who haveavailable space problems.

NOTE: You MUST have sample ports before and after retention tanks in order to test chlorine levels.

ALSO NOTE: * 80,120 gallontank not available for shipping by UPS Ground. It comes as "freight only" which means it isdelivered by semi-truck.

Read about theunnecessary usage of Retention Tanks.

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