Salmonella In Water

Salmonella in water is never a good thing. Alamosa water contaminated with Salmonella...Why spend money on bottled water when you can have clean,great tasting water right from your tap with a Reverse Osmosis System

As reported by The Associated Press, The Denver Post and The LA Times:

Recently the Alamosa city water supply was found to be contaminated with salmonella. This bacteria may be found in many water sources. Such as private wells that have been contaminated with the feces of infected humans or animals. Waste can enter the water in different ways. Such as sewage overflows. And contaminated storm water runoff. As well as agricultural runoff. The most common symptoms of salmonella infections are fever, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. It can cause serious and potentially fatal infections. Especially in young people and the elderly.

Area residents have been advised to stop using tap water from the city's water system due to the salmonella outbreak.

Suggested Remedies

Alamosa uses a deep well that is not chemically treated to disinfect the water. Officials plan to flush the water systems with very high concentrations of chlorine to flush out the salmonella. This makes the water unsafe to use as well. And it may be weeks before residents can use or drink their water. During the clean up of this salmonella bacteria problem, people are relying on bottled water. Which has become scarce. And that is causing a lot of businesses to remain closed. A less expensive alternative is a home Reverse Osmosis Unit with Ultraviolet Sterilization. There are a number of inexpensive solutions that will make your water safe and purified.

Different types of diseases in water are cropping up all over the world. And from all types of contaminants in water. Be safe and be sure. Have your water tested and treated accordingly.

Aside from this harmful bacteria in water. Water systems throughout the world are being found to have more drugs and chemicals in them. Read more about it on our pharmaceuticals in drinking water page.