Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems for City Water. Great tasting, odor free drinking water at your fingertips. A reverse osmosis water filtration system is a great idea for city water. There are so many chemicals such as chlorine and it's by products in city water that it may have a very bad taste or odor. The city water filtration removes chemicals, carcinogens, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, lead, dissolved solids, chlorine, taste, odors and many other contaminants found in many city water supplies. If you are using a water softener, then you certainly want to use a reverse osmosis drinking water filtration system to remove the unhealthy sodium and salts a water softener leaves behind.

We carry both the four stage and the five stage city water drinking systems to provide you and your family with pure, clean, great tasting drinking and cooking water starting at $199.87.

4 stage 50 *GPD w/ HUGE 4.0 gallon storage tank. City WaterFMRO4G$219.00Buy Now
5 stage 50 *GPD w/HUGE 4 gal. storage tank (11"x16"). City WaterFMRO5$239.00Buy Now
5 stage w/ BOOSTER PUMP 50 *GPD w/HUGE 4 gal. storage tank (11"x16"). City WaterFMRO5BP$329.00Buy Now
5 stage w/ DELIVERY PUMP 50 *GPD w/HUGE 4 gal. storage tank (11"x16"). City WaterFMRO5DP$418.00Buy Now
Reverse Osmosis System

It seems that you hear more and more in the news about impurities in city water such as pharmaceuticals, salmonella and many other contaminants. City water supplies also contain many chemicals such as chlorine, these chemicals are used in the purification process and can make the water taste and smell bad. The most practical and economical way to have great tasting, odor free drinking water is with reverse osmosis. Reverse Osmosis will give you bottled water quality drinking water for pennies a day without adding all those plastic water bottles to our landfills. They are not only cost effective but environmentally friendly too.

NOTE: If your municipal water supply has high hardness or very high levels of chlorine, you may want to treat the whole house. We offer many different city water systems.

If you have questions about city water reverse osmosis drinking water filtration systems, call and speak with one of our industry leading technicians, they will never ask you to buy anything or pressure you in any way. They will give you great advice and we will even pay for the call! Never a fee for advice at