Iron Softeners

Water softeners and backwashing iron filters are two entirely different technologies. Water softeners have one purpose which is to remove hardness, PERIOD. If the water is not hard you don't need a softener. And most of these slick talking salesmen never even tell you that you should NEVER drink the water that comes out of a softener. It is almost always unfit for human consumption. A water softener needs to have a "Metered" or "On demand" control valve at the top so that it uses as little salt and water as possible, often going 7 to 10 days between regeneration or cleaning cycles. If there is iron sitting in the unit for that long it tries to make the softener minerals "Iron Bound" which eventually ruins the minerals resulting in even higher salt usage and eventual service calls.

Deluxe Water Softener System for hard water.

An Iron Filter on the other hand needs to backwash using a "Day Timer" type control valve. Unlike a Water Softener it matters little how much water passes through an iron filter. The important thing is that it cleans itself regularly to prevent the minerals inside from becoming "Iron Bound". NEVER buy an iron filter that uses a meter or "On demand" type control valve. Also be sure ANY unit you buy, whether "On demand" for a water softener or "Day Timer" for an iron filter, that it is a "Digital" control valve. Non digital control valves are the first sign you are buying extremely out of date ancient technology. And finally never use a "Piston Driven" control valve on any well with iron, sediment, sulfur, manganese etc. This would include Fleck or any others. Some examples of in home sales companies who use piston driven valves would be Culligan®, RainSoft®, Ionics®, Eco Water and many others. While we sell both cam driven and piston driven valves we are of the opinion after many years of providing both that the piston driven valves fail sooner in these harsh conditions and require expensive service calls to rebuild or replace. This is not the case with our cam driven valves. Please don't hesitate to give us a quick call for a quick evaluation of your issue. Keep in mind our technicians are not allowed to ask you to buy anything or pressure you in ANY way. They just answer your questions and give you great advice. We are the online leader for water treatment worldwide.