City Water Treatment Information

City water treatment information for getting the right system. Here are some things that you may find helpful if you have city water.

Drinking water filters

City Water Systems

We have Complete City Water Treatment Systems for the Whole House. This page features both water softeners and water conditioners. Firstly, we consider a conditioner a softener that has had carbon added. Conditioners are used for chlorine and chemical removal from "municipal" or "city" water supplies. And for polished, treated water. Or a water softener with an additional filter for different well water applications.

Water Softener

Water Filters of America™ offers softener bargains priced from $299. Above all, our water softeners and conditioner treatment systems feature only the FINEST National Name Brand Components and quality accessories available on the market today. Every component we offer is made from the top American Based component makers. We offer both "Timer" and "On Demand" systems.

Carbon Filtration 

Carbon tanks are great at removing things. For instance, smells, flavors, odors, chemicals, chlorine, organics and many other impurities. Most importantly, these carbon filters come with the finest quality activated carbon available. Additionally, they feature gravel under-bedding. Also a state of the art "set it and forget it" digital control valve. In short, they are great on city water applications. Especially those that have high levels of chlorine and other chemicals. Lastly, we provide any sort of carbon you like. For example, KDF, Coconut Carbon, impregnated carbon etc.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filters

Remove sodium, potassium and salt. Along with other unwanted contaminants. Pure drinking water at the touch of a button. Our RO systems feature state of the art technology. All at a budget price. You should NEVER drink the water from a water softener. Drinking bottled water is too expensive. You never know the quality of the bottled water. Our RO units remove unhealthy sodium. Salt softeners leave that behind. As well as other dissolved solids, nitrates and heavy metals.

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