Analog Timer Water Softener

Analog timer water softener systems are "mechanical calendar" type water softeners. And analog water softeners are not digital display units. So you can tell them what days a week that you want them to "Clean" or to "Regenerate". And on those days they will do so. Furthermore, they are smart enough to only clean themselves in the middle of the night, or whatever time you want them too. They are less expensive to buy. But they are not quite as efficient as "Demand" or "Metered" types of water softeners.

They are great for people with less usage, such as vacation homes or cabins. And they are also acceptable with low usage in regard to family size. Such as if there are only one or two people in the home that really don't use a lot of water. Also, please remember that if you have high usage, or really hard water, or many people in the home. Then you would be better off spending a little more up front for a "Demand" type water softener, and save more on salt and water in the long run. Because the "on demand" (metered)  units are far more efficient. Demand style water softeners

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Analog Timer Water Softener

timer water softener unit

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.5 Cubic Foot Analog Timer Water Softener


Analog Timer Water Softener System

15K Analog Timer Water Softener Model for smaller usage, such as 1 or 2 people with limited water usage. 

These analog timer water softeners are made right here in America. And come with threaded 3/4" or 1" connections for your water lines. Also you can add the optional "quick connect" water lines to the unit for easy DIY installation with no special tools, torches or equipment. And any handy home owner can "Do it yourself" with these high quality analog water softeners.

Also, they are NSF Certified and have a 10 year tank warranty. And they also have a 7 year electronics warranty which is 2 years longer than virtually any other water softener system. And that includes Fleck and Autotrol water softeners.

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