Soft Water Benefits

1. Probably the first soft water benefits you'll notice is that you have to purchase a lot less soap and cleaner products. Whether it's dish detergent, shampoo, or laundry soap, you'll use less of it. The reason is because soft water has greater washing power. You can use less and get superior results. Normally, you will find that you can use 1/2 to 2/3 less soap with the same or even better results.

Soft water running over a cliff image2. Your clothes last longer and remain brighter longer if they are washed in soft water. The reason is that normal water leaves mineral particles in the weave of most fabrics. This causes them to look dull and dingy. Also, your washing machine will last longer, too, because it won't be subject to a build-up of minerals and deposits.

3. Rings and stains won't darken your bathroom fixtures.

4. Glasses and dishes won't streak.

5. Scrubbing floors and tile will be easier and faster because you won't have the film and soap scum that hard water creates.

6. Your skin is softer when you bathe with soft water. You will leave your bath or shower feeling refreshed with your skin feeling truly clean. Also, rough, dry skin will naturally diminish.

7. If you color your hair, it will keep its radiance longer if it is washed in softened water.

Soft Water is the Right Choice

Additional Benefits

Having softer water presents many benefits for not only you and your family, but for your home and budget as well. The advantages of soft water for you and your family include having softer skin and hair, as well as using less soap. With soft water your soap will actually lather better and you will need to use less, this helps keep the pores of skin open. When your pores are open and you don't have soap build up clogging them you will go back to having soft smooth skin much like babies have. Soft water will actually help reduce tangles in your hair and give it a soft feeling instead of a hard coated feeling.

As far as helping with your home and budget, soft water can lend a helping hand in keeping costs down. Your plumbing will last longer with soft water. Hard water builds up inside water lines and can take a one inch water line down to a pinhole opening; this takes away from your water flow as well as the life of the pipes. Soft water will first of all clean out the hard water build up that may be present and then also keep it from returning. Your water using appliances dishwasher, cloths washer, coffee pots, etc. will last longer when you are using soft water, this helps your home and your budget. Imagine if you could do twice as much laundry if not more with the same amount of detergent you use now, or not having to use rinse aids for your glassware in your dishwasher anymore. With softened water those can be realities. And for hundreds even thousands of customer they are. Soft water saves you money you are already spending on day to day products and appliances, now you have more money for other household products.

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