5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System for your home. These RO filtering systems provide the best protection for your drinking water. As growing concerns about pharmaceuticals and other contaminants in water circulate. Here are several facts for you to consider. Filtering systems in the home provide the highest technology available for the treatment of drinking water. These "point-of-use" systems offer the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Home filtering systems act as a final contaminant barrier. And can further purify your water for drinking. Many point-of-use technologies have proven very effective for these emerging contaminants. Nano-filtration and reverse osmosis systems can remove drugs and other contaminants. Up to 90 percent of oral drugs can pass through humans unchanged. They often then move through wastewater into streams and groundwater.

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Our home RO filtering systems have also been proven to treat threats such as lead and mercury.

It is generally cost prohibitive for utilities to use elaborate filter systems. Such as nano-filtration, long contact activated carbon, and reverse osmosis. However, these top technologies have proven successful at removing many contaminants in home water treatment systems.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, water quality experts are looking at many other emerging contaminants. Such as those found in personal care products and pesticides. These contaminants are often referred to as endocrine disrupting chemicals.


Did you know that you simply can not drink the water from ANY water softener? Because it will be full of sodium. That is what a water softener does. It trades the hardness for the sodium from the salt. Even if you use a water softener salt substitute, such as potassium chloride. You will still have potassium in the water. Which is better for the environment, but not good for drinking. Get a 5 stage reverse osmosis system and solve this problem. And get pure, cool, luxurious drinking water for just pennies a day!